JAN CROUCH PASSED AWAY TODAY: My heart broke today in 1,000 pieces. My great friend and big sister in the lord of 40 years, is gone. From the time in 1976 that I played with her colored pencils outside her office and flirted with her secretary (she never let me forget that) to the time 4 weeks ago that we had dinner alone and shared our new secrets, Jan was always my biggest encourager. For 4 decades Jan would beseech Paul for budgets for my next ministry project. And we always did something great. The thing that bonded Paul, Jan and I was a shared passion for souls. We did music videos, movies, Hosted evening praise, tv shows, helped me promote my first stadium concert and did several TBN live concerts like Halloween 3:16 which lead over 70,000 people to Christ in one night and did 7 times the normal tv ratings. Still a record at TBN. Today while the memories are fresh and tender, I'm asking you to share your favorite TBN memory. For me, the woman I called "Momma Jan", I will sorely miss all the great jokes, the council, comfort and best friend you could have in troubled times. Maybe your memory includes me or maybe not. But we all have a ministry memory to share from TBN. I want to collect all your memories in a post of remembrances. To remind us all that a great work was done and a great woman was at the center of it all. Everybody has something to share, something you heard or saw that touched your heart for Jesus. God bless you for taking this time out of your day. Without Jan, my life will never be the same. Thank You - Carman

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