Atmospheric Administration say there is a 75 percent chance El Niño's warm weather patterns will flip to La Niña by fall of 2016

Multiyear weather cycles keep happening, tho, overall, things keep getting gradually warmer. The US west, where most of my friends and me live, may be in for a cooler winter in 2016-17. Then again, emphasis on the word may. Hard to predict.

Last few winters have seemed warmer than usual. Less chance to test out the better heating in my new (as of 2013) apartment.

La Nina also means the likelihood of dryer conditions in California and the Southwest. After this year's "El Nino driven slight reprieve" of rains in Northern California, drought remains a serious threat in the Golden State.

Who knows. From year to year, warm and cool spots shift around via trillions of tons of heat storage in ocean waters, but over the decades, everything gets gradually warmer.

Conditions are looking ripe for the cooler climate pattern to take over in the Pacific.

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