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Obituary : The Rev. Billy Kyles dies; was present when ML King was shot

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Rev. Samuel Billy Kyles, a longtime civil rights leader who was present when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on a hotel balcony, has died in Memphis. He was 81.
Erica Cunningham, an administrative assistant at Monumental Baptist Church in Memphis, where Kyles served as pastor for 55 years, said he died Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at a hospital. An official cause of death was not immediately released, but Cunningham said he had been living with dementia.

King came to Memphis in 1968 to help striking sanitation workers, who were seeking safer working conditions and better pay. At about 6 p.m. on April 4, King, Kyles and others prepared to leave the Lorraine Motel to go to dinner.
“I said, guys, come on let’s go. We have a rally after dinner,” Kyles told TheAssociated Press in a 2008 interview. “I turned and walked away, got a few steps, a few feet, and that’s when I heard the shot.”
The .30-caliber bullet hit King, who was on a balcony with Kyles and others.
“Blood was everywhere,” Kyles recalled.
Kyles was the subject of a 2008 documentary short film about the assassination, “The Witness: From the Balcony of Room 306.” The film was nominated for an Academy Award.
Kyles was born in Shelby, Miss., on Sept. 26, 1934. He came to Memphis and became pastor of the Monumental Baptist Church beginning in 1959. He resigned in October 2014 because of his declining health.

He worked on behalf of voter registration drives in Mississippi and was in that state when activist Medgar Evans was assassinated for his civil rights work in 1963.
He was credited with helping integrate schools in Memphis when, working with other parents, he enrolled his 5-year-old daughter in the all-white school system.
Memphis became one of the first cities in the South to desegregate its elementary schools. Kyles also fought against segregation on the city bus system and to gain admittance for blacks in Memphis restaurants and movie theaters.

Kyles also helped found the Memphis chapter of People United to Save Humanity (PUSH).
In 1996, then-President Bill Clinton appointed Kyles to the Advisory Committee on Religious Freedom Abroad. Kyles also is among the civil rights figures honored at the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame at the National Civil Rights Museum, which is on the site of the Lorraine Motel.

“Rev. Kyles remained on the frontline for justice and equality, a tremendous civil rights activist,” the museum said in a statement. “He was a man of great courage, compassion and faith.”
In a statement, U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen, a Democrat from Memphis, called Kyles “a legendary clergyman and civil rights advocate.” — (AP)

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Travis Smith , Missouri pastor who had sex with girl, 16, gets 4 years in prison

STOVER, Mo.  •   A former Missouri pastor accused of having sex with a 16-year-old girl in 2005 has been sentenced to four years in prison.

The Kansas City Star reports that Travis Smith entered an Alford plea last week in Laclede County to charges of statutory rape and statutory sodomy, and was sentenced. When a defendant enters an Alford plea, the defendant does not admit guilt but acknowledges there's enough evidence for a conviction.

A mistrial had been declared in 2011, when a potential juror commented about a witness in the case.

Prosecutors say the girl's father caught her and Smith, 45, who was her youth pastor at Pilot Grove Baptist Church in unincorporated Moniteau County at the time, having sex at a cemetery.

As part of the plea, Smith pleaded guilty in two other cases involving two other teenage girls.

Thursday, April 28

NC State University Students Need Permit to Talk About Jesus

"Unconstitutional censorship is bad enough, but giving university officials complete discretion to decide when and where to engage in silencing students makes the violation even worse."

North Carolina State University is facing a lawsuit after requiring Christian students to have a permit before talking about Jesus.

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Radica Islamist Group Planned to Kidnap Boxing Star Manny Pacquiao

The president of the Philippines said an Islamist militant group planned to kidnap boxing superstarManny Pacquiao. Please pray for the protection of the Pacquiao Family.

The president of the Philippines said an Islamist militant group planned to kidnap boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao. According to Newsweek,.

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Tuesday, April 26

More than 500,000 boycott Target over transgender bathroom policy

Target is putting its shareholders–and its customers–at risk! Just since last Wednesday over 517,000 people have signed a pledge to boycottTarget over its new bathroom policy that welcomes employees and guests to use the restrooms or fitting rooms that "corresponds with their gender identity." Target certainly has the prerogative to make this decision, but it's proving to be bad for business. I'm glad people are standing up and letting them know this is wrong. I agree with the American Family Association–this policy encourages sexual predators and puts women and children in danger. A man shouldn't be able to enter the women's restroom or dressing room because he says he "feels like a woman today." That's ridiculous. The fact is, gender identity isn't something we choose or feel. We are the sex God created us to be-male or female. How a person feels doesn't change the facts. Baltimore Raven's tight end Benjamin Watson was right this week when he said "we are buying the lie that feelings trump all else and that how one feels can only be accepted and celebrated instead of addressed and challenged."
If you'd like to know more about the American Family Association's pledge, you can find out at:…/sign-the-boycott-target-pledge/

Mt Juliet Pastor Greg Locke Goes Viral Over Target Bathroom Rant

A local pastor has gone viral after he posted a video in front of the Mt. Juliet Target about the store's bathroom policy.
He visited the store to find out about the recent bathroom policy meant to be inclusive for transgender people.

"I said excuse me?" he said in the video, recounting a conversation he had with a store employee, "she said 'yes because of the new law you can now use the restroom that you self-identify with.'"
Pastor Greg Locke said chatter about the the Target bathroom policy was swirling around his church and local community.  Armed with a cell phone he took his opinion online.

"No, Target I need no more information to know that you have lost your ever-loving mind," he says in the video, which reached more than 12 million views Monday afternoon. He posted it around 6:30 p.m. Friday to his Facebook Page.
"I'm fearful of the people that are going to bend the law," he said in a sit-down interview with NewsChannel 5.

Pastor Locke says he thinks allowing people to use their preferred bathroom puts people in danger for attacks behind closed stalls.

Tennessee Equality Project director Chris Sanders argues inclusive policies do just the opposite.
"All Target is trying to do is welcome people. And there is no evidence that this leads to an increase of anything that this minister is concerned with," Sanders said.

Sanders says Christianity is about love, not discrimination. That's something he says a pastor, of all people, should know.

"What we want people to understand is this is not a weapon," he said, holding a Bible.
But Pastor Locke says he has no problem with transgender people.
"It's not that transgender people are gonna go in raping folks. That's not the issue at all," he said, "they haven't done it, they're not gonna do it."
He's worried predators may take advantage of the policy, especially if more retailers follow Target's lead.

"Hastag Target missed the mark because this was a very very dumb move," he says in the video.
A corporate spokesperson from Target emailed NewsChannel 5 saying:
"We certainly respect that there are a wide variety of perspectives and opinions. As a company that firmly stands behind what it means to offer our team an inclusive place to work - and our guests an inclusive place to shop - we continue to believe that this is the right thing for Target."

Monday, April 25

Obituary : Pastor Brandon , Macon Pastor Brandon Parker shot dead, girlfriend arrested

An argument at a downtown Macon restaurant led to the shooting death of Pastor Brandon Parker and the arrest of his girlfriend.

Tracia Yvonne Hubbard, 48, was charged with murder just before 2 a.m. Saturday, according to Bibb County jail records.

A Bibb County Sheriff’s Office news release stated that a woman was kneeling over Parker’s body when deputies arrived.

“This is a terrible tragedy,” Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones said.

Jones stepped in for Parker Saturday afternoon and accepted a proclamation in honor of the slain man’s grandfather, the Rev. Jacob Parker.

“I’ve been knowing him for a while and I’ve been knowing the family for a while,” Jones said.

The 33-year-old Parker was found dead outside 739 Grosso Ave., which is listed as Hubbard’s address on jail records.

“It’s a domestic issue that escalated,” Jones said. “It started at a downtown restaurant. They were at Tic Toc.”

Macon-Bibb County Commissioner Al Tillman had met with Parker a couple of weeks ago to arrange for the proclamation declaring Elm Street as Rev. Jacob Parker Memorial Way, in honor of Parker’s 87-year-old grandfather, who led the congregation at Ebenezer Baptist Church.

On his Facebook page, Tillman requested that the community support the Saturday afternoon ceremony, which went on as planned.

He characterized the ceremony afterward as “bittersweet.”

“Our thoughts and prayers go out with the entire family ... It’s just a tragic loss and situation,” Tillman said.

The younger Parker was to succeed his grandfather at the church, Jones said.

“I speak at that Ebenezer Church and I have spoken to the youth group about backing down and backing away,” said Jones, who was mourning Parker’s death.

Tillman posted this message on Facebook: “May God welcome Pastor Brandon Parker to his kingdom.”

“He was a young man that had his head on strong, and he was a passionate pastor,” Tillman said by telephone. “He eulogized my aunt at her passing a month or so ago ... He was just a great young man and a great young pastor ... a young, dynamic preacher.”

Commissioner Larry Schlesinger, who spoke at Saturday’s ceremony, said the younger Parker’s death is a true tragedy.

“The timing with Pastor Parker’s dedication of the street in his name and his anniversary service tomorrow makes it all the more tragic for the family that’s been a presence for decades,” Schlesinger said earlier Saturday.

After the ceremony, Jones noted the need for prayer.

“The family is in turmoil now, so we we need prayer,” Jones said. “That’s all we can do.

“This family needs prayer. This church needs prayer, and this community needs prayer,” he said.

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Saturday, April 23

#BoycottTarget Signatures Continue to Pour In!

#BoycottTarget: Group Protests Retailer for Letting Customers Use Bathrooms Based on Gender Identity
"We believe that everyone—every team member, every guest, and every community—deserves to be protected from discrimination," Target said. The American Family Association called for a boycott.
Corporate America must stop bullying people who disagree with the radical left agenda to remake society into their progressive image.
Nearly 200,000 signatures in only a day indicates bathroom/fitting rooms policy has struck a nerve.

Judgemental quotes : Judging people quotes - Judging others quotes

Can Christians judge? When Christians lovingly and graciously present the gospel to unbelievers, a judgment is made about their standing with God. The Bible doesn't say not to judge but warns believers against making judgments in a hypocritical or condemning manner. (Matthew 7:1-5) Note the Lord's command to judge: Jesus stated, “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment” (John 7:24). Before we make judgment, we must make sure we are judging righteously from God’s Word and not relying on our own opinion.
When someone says we need to stop judging others, they've just judged us. So they're guilty of doing the very thing they tell us not to do. Those people who call for tolerance and quote “judge not” out of context are not using sound thinking. Often, built into the claim of “tolerance” is the concept that truth is determined by each individual, not by God, the absolute authority.
As Christians, we are called to judge righteously, and judging between right and wrong is something we do every day. But Scripture makes it clear there's one supreme Judge, the Lord God—He alone has the authority to determine right and wrong motives and behaviors. That’s why we must start with the Word of the supreme Judge when we lovingly make judgments.

Many people conclude that making judgments on anyone (especially coming from Christians) is wrong because the Bible says ”judge not” (Matthew 7:1).

Tribute to Prince by Tyler Perry

Doves are crying today.
About 12 years ago, I was playing the Kodak Theater in LA. I was on my way to the theater when my phone rang. I answered and heard a voice that almost made me wreck the car. The voice said, "I hear you're doing a bit of Purple Rain in your show. Do it again and I'm going to sue you... and I need 10 tickets and I'll be there tonight.” Click. I freaked out. PRINCE HAD CALLED ME!!!
So that night I waited at the backstage door for him to arrive. I was nervous and hoping he didn't get out of the car with 9 lawyers… lol. The limo pulls up and there he was. He got out smiling and laughing. I knew then he was joking (kinda). One of the first things he said was that he was a fan of mine. That blew me away. "Prince WHAT?” I thought. Can you say mind numbing?! Anyway, we chatted for a while, but time seemed to fly by. Soon enough, I had to get dressed and start the show.
During the play I would glance at him, and he seemed to be having an awesome time. Man! Prince was watching me perform!! And enjoying it!
Then we got to the part in the play where I had been doing a few lines of Purple Rain. I stopped and looked at him sitting in the audience. We made eye contact and he nodded to me. So, I queued the band to start playing Purple Rain and had someone bring Prince the microphone in the audience... BIG MISTAKE! He started to sing Purple Rain and the audience went CRAZY! I had never heard that kind of roar from a crowd before. 3400 people losing their minds!! He sang one verse and the audience was blown away. There was a standing ovation for him AT MY He was done singing and the audience wouldn't stop applauding him. I still had 20 minutes to go before MY show was over. I knew at that moment that I had just been educated by royalty!! The lesson: never give your microphone to a legend at your show!!! LOL
On the rare occasion that I had the privilege to spend some private time with him, I always knew I was in the presence of someone special, someone incredible, someone brilliant. Whether we were at the White House or standing in his kitchen talking, he was consistently an icon! Whether I was in a crowd of thousands watching him perform or one of the handful in his basement listening to him sing for hours, he was always consistent, always royal, always a legend, always Prince.
He gave us so much of his genius that it is impossible to forget that he walked this planet. And who would want to?
Thousands of years from now the world will still know that Prince was here.
Travel well my beautiful friend.

John Hagee Ministries Daily Devotional 2017

1. "When you are believing God for a miracle, you need to focus on faith and not on feelings. You need to focus on the biblical report and not your medical report. Believe what the Word of God says about healing. 

2. Quote it out loud, and say it over and over. “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” (Rom. 10:17). If you want to increase your faith, increase the time you spend in God’s Word. As you begin to release your faith, you will feel the supernatural, life-giving power of the Holy Spirit invade your life, your mind and your body. You will begin to be well from that moment." - Pastor John Hagee

3. Everyone in this life will face trials. Just remember, if God can bring you to it, He can bring you through it. Don't run from a problem in fear, but face it head-on, knowing if you're on God's team, you can defeat any enemy. Put your trust in the Lord. When we ask Him to take our problems as His own, He will saturate our lives with peace.

4. Have you ever been knocked down by life's circumstances? Don't throw in the towel; give another try. God doesn't sponsor flops and He doesn't manufacture junk. You are not the victim, you are the victor. All things are possible for you.

5. Has hell thrown the kitchen sink at you? Rise up and fight! Put on the full armor of God and start waging war against the devil. As a Christian, you are never going to outgrow warfare. So stand in there and fight like the champion you are, knowing God designed you for victory.

6. Our God is the God of the supernatural! He saves you from sin and makes you a new creature. No sin is too great and no past too checkered that He cannot wash you whiter than snow with the shed blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. By this, the Father brings us into His family, adopting us as His own.
God is a supernatural Healer, a Deliverer in the day of trouble. In your darkest hour, the Lord shows Himself as the light of the world. When your heart is broken, He touches your life and eases the pain. He is the God of another chance! When your dreams are crushed, He brings you great hope and all-surpassing peace. He is worthy of all praise, honor, and glory!

6. Enjoy today! If someone has a need you can meet, help them. Give what is due to God and then enjoy the rest. God gives us a harvest of abundance, not so that we can hoard it but so that we can share it. He provides so that we can live a rich and full life in Him.
Live in the here and now without the fear of tomorrow. Be anxious for nothing! Don't base your happiness on some future event that may or may not ever take place. No one is promised tomorrow. Make the most of today—God has already taken care of all of your tomorrows.

7. God cannot change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His plans stand firm. He is unwavering in His principles and does not adapt to situational ethics. It doesn't matter what I think, you think, or what the government says. God does NOT change. There are zero exceptions.
The great thing about this is that what He did for you yesterday, He can do again for you today. Were you sick and He healed you? Was your marriage crumbling and He brought you into an even place? Did He help you through financial struggles when the IRS sent you a huge bill?
8. He is the same. You cannot trust God to help you in one area of your life and then not trust Him in others. What He has done in the past, He can and will do again. Have faith in God and know that whatever you ask in His name, it shall be done.

9. You can't have a harvest without seed. Faith is the seed that makes everything in the word of God work. Have faith in God. Without faith, it is impossible to please God, to accomplish His will in your life. Do you have enough faith for God to perform miracles in your life? You don't have to understand miracles to be a part of one or to ask for one.
10. The Bible says to enter the Kingdom as a child. Children enter with complete faith, totally trusting that what you are telling them is the truth, that what you are saying absolutely can and will happen. This is how Jesus wants us to come to Him—as children, to lean on Him and trust Him fully. For without faith it is impossible to please God.

Donald Trump Says Transgender People Should Use the Bathroom They Want

Donald J. Trump’s desire to make America great again has resonated with many voters across America. However, I have to disagree with him on the statement he made about the NC bathroom law HB2 on The Today Show in an interview with Matt Lauer. He said people should use the bathroom they feel appropriate. He said that if Caitlyn Jenner came to Trump Tower, he could use any bathroom he wanted. That’s Mr. Trump’s prerogative on his own property. But businesses and organizations shouldn’t be forced by law to allow men pretending to be women to use women’s restrooms. NC Governor Pat McCrory and legislators were absolutely right to pass HB2 to protect young girls, boys, and women from sexual predators and perverts. Men have no business using women’s bathrooms and locker rooms. Period.
It’s not up to us to decide our sex—God determines that. The Bible says, “He created them male and female and blessed them.”

Obituary : Pastor Phil Fulton of Union Hill Church 2 adults, 5 children killed in Ohio shootings

PIKE COUNTY, OH — A pastor tells WJCL’s sister station in Cincinnati that he was told by authorities that seven people were found shot to death at a Pike County, Ohio home.
Pastor Phil Fulton of Union Hill Church said that he was told two adults and five children were dead.
A spokesperson for Ohio's Bureau of Criminal Investigation said "we are sending everybody" to the shooting scene near the Adams/Pike county line.
NBC4i said that the dead were found at three scenes, but It is not clear if the three scenes are on the same property or different ones.
Union Hill Road runs off Ohio 32 at the county line. Aerial video shows officers standing outside a home with crime scene tape around it.
More than two dozen vehicles were parked along the road in front of the home. Three ambulances and more cruisers were parked near where Union Hill Road meets Ohio 32.
In Adams County, a few miles west of the crime scene, Peebles High School was on lockout for some time, but it was lifted shortly before 11 a.m.
The BCI agents were sent at the request of the Pike County Sheriff's Office, the spokesperson said, noting that the large response was due to officials not being sure what's happening.

Thursday, April 21

Stephen Glenn Charest, Catholic priest arrested for soliciting sex from male undercover deputy

POLK COUNTY, Fla. - A Polk County church is in crisis mode, after their priest was arrested Tuesday and charged with soliciting oral sex from a male undercover detective.

Stephen Glenn Charest, 66, of Lake Wales is the pastor of Holy Spirit Catholic Church .

Members of the church said Father Glenn had a great personality and was a positive addition to the church.

According to the church's Facebook page Fr. Glenn had just been appointed as their head priest on March 8.

The post said, "The community of Holy Spirit would like to say a heartfelt thank you that God has placed Fr. Glenn Charest in the midst of our lives. Through the past three years we’ve seen the dedication, care, pastoral support and love you have for people…so we say thank you Fr. Glenn for becoming our pastor.”

Parishioners who found out about Fr. Glenn’s arrest Wednesday morning are in shock.

“I can't believe it, I really can’t,” Shirley Schultz said.

Schultz said she was married at the church more than a decade ago (by a different priest) and would never have thought Fr. Glenn would be accused of this type of crime.

“He is so nice, nice with the kids, everything. My whole family they are shocked over it,” Schultz said.  “It hurts, it really hurts, it is a shame.”

According to an online blog called Clerical Whispers , Fr. Glenn was “dismissed” from Our Lady of the Star of the Sea Catholic Church in Ponte Vedra Beach. The article published on June 5, 2010 went on to say that “Charest is popular with the congregation, and the dismissal came as a surprise to many parishioners.”

A spokesperson for the Diocese of St. Augustine is quoted in the article that it was not because of any “abuse.”

The church released a statement Wednesday that read in part, "Bishop John Noonan has removed [Charest's] faculties and he may not minister as a priest in the Diocese of Orlando. We pray for Father Charest, the Holy Spirit Catholic community, and all those involved in this situation."

The alleged encounter occurred while a male detective worked undercover in Winter Haven at the Lake Fannie Boat Ramp in response to reports of lewd activity, according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

The detective walked to a wooded area and spoke to the pastor who, deputies said, asked the detective to perform oral sex on him. The detective replied, "OK, is that what you want me to do?"

"Yeah," the pastor said, according to deputies.

"You ready?" the detective said.

"Yeah," the pastor said, again, according to deputies.

The detective showed his badge and identified himself as a sheriff's detective.

Charest faces one count of solicitation to another to commit lewdness. He has bonded out of Polk County Jail.

Obituary :Rev. Albert J. McKnight, Former Holy Ghost pastor dies at 88

The Rev. Albert J. McKnight, 88, who organized and led a peaceful economic revolution among low-income families in the rural South and was a pastor at Holy Ghost Catholic Church in Opelousas, died Sunday night in Pennsylvania, according to long-time friend Kerstan Major.
McKnight died at a retirement facility in Greentree, Pennsylvania, that had been his home for the last several months, Major said.
"He was more of a father figure to me," Major said. "He was special to all of us."
McKnight helped establish a national system of credit unions and cooperatives, including the Southern Cooperative Development Program and the Southern Cooperative Development Fund. President Jimmy Carter appointed him to the first board of directors of the National Cooperative Bank, according to
McKnight was born in Brooklyn, New York, but he spent most of his time in the South, working as a civil rights activist among other things. He was ordained to priesthood in 1952, according to his obituary, and he served as the pastor of Holy Ghost Catholic Church in Opelousas for about 10 years.
McKnight was first appointed to St. Paul Church in Lafayette.
"I first saw him (McKnight) as a TV personality on KLFY," said Paul Scott. "He had a show called 'A visit with Father McKnight.' That was back in the '70s."
Scott said McKnight's impact on the church extended beyond his sermons. He said some of the current artwork in the church was commissioned by McKnight. Scott said he grew up in the church under McKnight's tutelage.
"He was not about gaining gaining wealth," Scott recalled. "He was about gaining knowledge. He was ahead of his time. He brought fresh thoughts and urged everyone to think. He had those dynamite sermons. He would preach long, but you never got tired."
McKnight and Scott began working together during the Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival in Plaisance in the early '80s. Scott said McKnight enjoyed Zydeco music and bicycle riding. McKnight developed the Southern Development Foundation, which started the zydeco festival.
Major said he was a teenager when McKnight became the head of Holy Ghost Church. He said McKnight developed several programs and retreats to help the youth in the area.
"I ask myself where would I be today if it wasn't for father McKnight," Major said Wednesday. "He gave us jobs and showed us how to spend money. I tribute a lot of my success to him."
Major and Scott said McKnight seemed like a mean or strict person, but was one of the nicest people around.
"During church, when it was time to greet others, he would go all the way to the back of the church and even outside to shake hands with people," Scott said. "He would do this every mass."
"He shaped our lives," Major added. "The message he had was way before his time. This guy was the truth."
A memorial mass will be held in Pennsylvania Thursday, with another service to be held in Opelousas at a later date. Burial will also take place in Opelousas.

Obituary : Keith Lindsey, the Greystone campus pastor of Church of the Highlands, died on April 7,

A campus pastor of an Alabama megachurch died earlier this month after a yearlong battle with cancer.  
Keith Lindsey, the Greystone campus pastor of Church of the Highlands, died on April 7, according to the Shelby County Reporter. 
"Pastor Keith was an incredible man whose legacy of love for God and people will continue to impact generations to come through every one of us who had the honor of knowing him," senior pastor Chris Hodges posted to Facebook.  
During the memorial service, Lindsey's son Blake eulogized his father.  
"My dad had the heart of our Heavenly Father. His life was so hidden in Christ that at times it was hard to distinguish between the two," Blake said, according to a Facebook post.

Wednesday, April 20

Gay Pastor Jordan Brown accused Whole Foods of decorating a cake with an anti-gay slur.

Whole Foods is fighting back against a Texas pastor who accused the Austin-based grocery chain of decorating a cake with an anti-gay slur.
Jordan Brown, an openly gay pastor who preaches at the non-denominational Church of Open Doors, said he ordered a cake with the words "Love Wins" written in blue icing on April 14 for a member of his congregation, according to an emotional distress lawsuit filed Monday in Travis County court. But Brown said when he got to his car he saw "Love Wins F**" had been scrawled instead.
Whole Foods, however, countersued on Tuesday, alleging the entire incident was a hoax perpetrated by Brown. 
According to the countersuit, the pastor "intentionally, knowingly and falsely accused Whole Foods and its employees of writing the homophobic slur...on a custom made cake that he ordered from WFM's Lamar Store in Austin," My Statesman reported. Whole Foods also released security footage from their flagship Austin store that they say proves their workers did not add the slur to the cake.
“After reviewing their security footage of Mr. Brown, it’s clear that the UPC label was in fact on top of the cake box, not on the side of the package,” Whole Foods said in a statement. 

Tuesday, April 19

School Superintendent, Principal Confront Moms Over 'Jesus Lunch'

“These mothers devote hours each week to serving the students with free meals and a brief message about Jesus. They should not be bullied or harassed — but praised,” Phillip Stamman, an attorney representing the moms, said.
Stamman said his clients have been repeatedly threatened by school officials - but they refuse to comply with their demands to cease the non-denominational.

Friday, April 15

Mississippi law allows some congregation members to take guns to church | Toronto Star

A holstered gun sat on top of a Bible on Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant’s desk Friday when he signed a law allowing guns in churches, which he said would help protect congregations from potential attackers.

It is now striking a chord in this Bible Belt state where law enforcement officials question licensing problems, while others it endangers people by putting guns in untrained hands.

The Church Protection Act means designated people can carry guns into churchbuildings, and undergo training to use them.

Read More: Mississippi law allows some congregation members to take guns to church | Toronto Star

Kobe Bryant, Formed and Saved by His Catholic Faith

Yes it's true I must be honest I became a a Kobe fan at church. When I saw him and he was so humble he bowed his head. He was just like anyone else there I stood behind him to receive communion and I felt so different about Kobe after that. Much respect to him for keeping his faith no matter what he knows God's blessing. God has truly blessed him with many talents and he will continue to share his blessings.

On Wednesday, April 13 Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest athletes of all time, ended his 20-year basketball career with a bang, scoring 60 points in his last game.
Read More: Kobe Bryant, Formed and Saved by His Catholic Faith

Thursday, April 14

Alexis De Larosa as the man who killed Texas Pastor Jesse Estrada Sabillon

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A Houston pastor and his wife were killed in a street-racing crash late Tuesday.

Harris County Sheriff's Office deputies are searching for the driver of the truck that slammed into their car, then fled the scene. They've identified him as 21-year-old Alexis De Larosa Sosa. 

Family members say Jesse Estrada Sabillon and Maria Sabillon were headed home just after 9 p.m. after visiting a niece who had just given birth.

They were less than five miles from their house when their BMW was T-boned at the intersection of North Sam Houston Parkway and Bammel North Houston. 

“They didn’t deserve this,” Jesse Vladimir, the victims’ son, said. “They didn’t deserve to get taken away like this.”

Vladimir was still in disbelief after getting a knock on his door from the Medical Examiner’s Office letting him know that both of his parents were dead.

The couple's middle son said the horrific crash should’ve never happened.

Deputies say a Chevrolet pickup truck was racing a Dodge Challenger on the North Sam Houston Parkway west feeder road around 9:15 p.m.

Deputies are searching for a suspect driver after a truck slammed into a car killing two people in a hit-and-run accident in northwest Harris County Tuesday night.   (Photo: Metro)

The pickup blew through a red light and hit the Sabillons at full speed.

Investigators are calling the driver of that pickup truck a coward after he abandoned the pickup at the scene and fled on foot.  They plan to test the airbag for DNA to help identify him. 

“City streets aren’t made to be raced in,” Vladimir said. “That’s why we have traffic lights and law enforcement and signs that tell you the speed limit for that reason.”

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The Journey Church removed Pastor Darrin Patrick from his post due to "pastoral misconduct

The Journey Church removed Pastor Darrin Patrick from his post due to "pastoral misconduct," according to several reports.  

"The findings of this investigation and further confession from Pastor Darrin, combined with deep historical patterns of sin, led us to the heart-breaking decision to remove Pastor Darrin from office at The Journey and require him to step down from all internal and external leadership positions," reads a letter Journey Church sent to members. 

Patrick was the founding pastor of Journey Church and the vice president of the Acts 29 Network. The Acts 29 Network has planted more than 500 churches around the world, including the former Mars Hill Church pastored by Mark Driscoll. 

READ: Acts 29 Dismisses Mark Driscoll So 'Name of Christ Will Not Continue to Be Dishonored'

Patrick was removed for violating the "high standards" demanded for elders in marriage, including inappropriate connections with two women.  

More to come.

Alabama Personhood proposal would effectively ban abortion

The Associated Press reports that Alabama is considering recognizing the human fetus as a person. I’m in Alabama’s capital, Montgomery, today to lead a prayer rally for our nation on the Capitol steps at noon. I pray that this state will recognize a fetus as a person—because, legally defined as such or not, a fetus is a person, created by God. The Bible says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb” (Psalm 139:13).
This country needs prayer, our leaders wrestling with these monumental issues need prayer. We need to stand together in support of God’s truth and His laws and let the Christian voice be heard.
You can find out more about the Decision America Tour or join us in Montgomery by live stream at
MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A proposed Alabama constitutional amendment would legally define a fetus as a person from the moment of fertilization, effectively banning abortion in the state.

Wednesday, April 13

Obituary: Jesse Estrada Sabillon and his wife, Maria Sabillon dead in car accident

A street racer killed a Houston pastor and his wife when he ran a red light Tuesday night, smashing his pickup truck into their car, police said.

Alexis De Larosa Sosa, 21, was racing in northwest Harris County when he T-boned a BMW sedan with Jesse Estrada Sabillon and his wife, Maria Sabillon, inside, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Both passengers died at the scene after the 9:30 p.m. crash on the service road of the Sam Houston Parkway and Bammel North Houston Road. Investigators released the name and picture of De Larosa Sosa Wednesday, after he ditched his truck and ran away, deputies said.


Alexis De Larosa Sosa, 21, seen in a picture released by the Harris County Sheriff's Office, is wanted in connection with the fatal crash.


Jesse Sabillon Jr. posed between his parents Jesse Estrada Sabillon and Maria Sabillon in a family portrait.

SOURCE: New York Daily News

Sunday, April 10

Southern India Temple fire outbreak killed 60 people

BREAKING NEWS: More than 60 people have died and at least 150 others have been injured in a massive fire that broke out inside a temple in southern India, an official tells the Associated Press.

Obituary :Will Smith, former Saints player, killed

Ok, I am wandering is there more to this story. A 30 year old man driving a Hummer rear ends a exfootball player's Benz. They exchange words and then he is shot and killed just like that. I'm sure we all would be initially angry we were involved in a auto accident, but in the end if we have insurance it would hopefully take care of this. However for whatever senseless reason the alleged shooter allowed this to to escalate above and beyond senseless violence. Now families are ruined 2 lives lost one permanent the other for possibly for his foreseeable future in prison. All for what a beef over a rear ender or possibly something else but nonetheless not worth someone dying over. Praying for the victim's family, the shooter, our people "life matters"!.

Florida Governor Rick Scott signs the Pastor Protection Act into law

Florida Governor Rick Scott signs the Pastor Protection Act into law! The law protects clergy, churches and religious organizations and their employees from civil action for refusing to perform homosexual marriages. Read More Here
Pastor Sunday Adelaja's photo.

Saturday, April 9

Mayo Clinic Complementary and Integrative Medicine Warning on Essential Oil

With increase use of essential oils, Woman's Day offers tips to stay safe while using them. "What works for one person may not work for the next–or may interfere with medications," says Brent A. Bauer, MD, an internal medicine doctor and director of the Mayo Clinic Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program in Rochester, Minnesota.

Here's how to stay safe.
Read More:
Experts Say Essential Oils Can Pose Dangerous Health Risks

Eddie’s powerful transformation in prison through the help of a Prison Fellowship 

“I changed from being a soldier of Satan to being a soldier of God.” By age 15, Eddie’s dad had died, he witnessed his mother’s death, and he had become a full-blown junkie. READ about Eddie’s powerful transformation in prison through the help of a Prison Fellowship Bible study now.

“I was going to end my life…I was on my knees, ‘God I need help,’ I prayed.”

Read More: In Eddie’s own words – “I was consumed by evil”