New Jersey Pastor Trevón Gross indicted for taking bribes from bitcoin

A New Jersey pastor and former credit union executive has been indicted for allegedly taking bribes from the now-defunct bitcoin previously reported by CoinDesk, operators Anthony Murgio and Yuri Lebedev were arrested last summer and charged with running an illegal money services business.Prior to its closure, functioned by way of a so-called “Collector’s Club”, in which customers were considered members of a private organization. Prosecutors allege that this structure was used to obscure the nature of the exchange.Pastor Trevón Gross, named in a superseding indictment unsealed yesterday, is accused of taking bribes worth more than $150,000 in exchange for allowing the takeover of New Jersey-based Hope Federal Credit Union. Coin.mxstaff, including Lebedev, were allegedly placed on the board of the credit union after the bribes were made.Read More

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