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Donald Trump vs Meghan Kelly : What People are Saying

 And Fox News has made an embarrassment of themselves by blatantly attacking him every chance they get.

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Diane Price I no longer watch Meghan Kelly and turn off any program she shows up on. What happened to Fair and Balanced with her?

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Rick Wylie She dared question DT about the vile way he talks about women. He does not like that and has been whining about it every since.

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Lucinda McCormack Hester She deserved it! She was after him with a vengence, and he responded! Political correctness has ruined this country!

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Josh Rodieguez She questioned his past treatment of women and he has not stopped hammering her since. Quite the man he is, f'n clown

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Angela Sparks Thornton Statement from a ex Megyn Kelly viewer, she did it to herself, thinking she is all high and mighty, get over yourself. Trump 2016

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Kyle Hogan Megyn Smelly has personified every stereotype that she detests. A spiteful, vindictive woman 

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Ashton Cooper Oh, please explain. I'd love to hear about how the man who swears to defeat ISIS is so violated by Megyn Kelly.

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Carter Casper The only one who can help change this terrible system we call Democracy is by electing The Donald. Everyone is going after him, there has to be more to it besides his policies. #Trump2016#MakeAmericaGreatAgain

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Rick Penzo get over yourselves fox news...your a tool of mainstream media

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Jim Vescio Fox News needs to get rid of Megyn Kelly and she deserves every bit of it.. Too bad , I used to like her and the rest of fox. but no longer watch.

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Kyle Gardner Megyn is obsessed with Trump, she brought it on herself. I wonder how much the RNC and the establishment paid Fox news to release this statement. PATHETIC

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Tim Marshall It appears to me Megan is the one with the sick obsession and attacks Trump. Shame on fox for allowing her to bash him the way she does.

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Lynne Phillips Johnson I stopped watching. Fox because of Megyn, and her recent despicable behavior toward a presidential candidate just confirms that I made the right decision. Fair and balanced Fox disappeared years ago.

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Melissa Stone It is also deplorable of her to attack Mr. Trump the way she has. She is very vindictive towards him, so she provoked him and deserves whatever comes her way.

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Kyle Hogan Cruz Economics 101:
If we place a 45% tariff on foreign manufactured goods, it is the American consumer who pays the 45% increase.. Now hold on there Texas Preacher Man. If Trump places a tariff on Huggies, then we buy Pampers. If Pampers manufacturesinternationally, then we buy the next available option. And if nobody manufactures these products domestically, well then, entrepreneurs like me will soon be in the diaper business. #morejobs#higherGDP #Trump2016

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Floss Bishop No longer can stand to watch MeAgain Kelly, she is so full of herself. She should take responsibility for her rhetoric against Donald J. Trump, and her psychotic obsession with him. Good riddance Fox News. I am a long time fan that refuses to watch Fox News anymore.

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Doug Walters Megyn just needs to do her job responsibly and get out of her attack mode. She is doing Fox no favors.

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Lindy Barrett This is too funny! His sexual verbal assaults? I dont think so. As for Megyn being a respectable journalist and mother of three...just google her photo shoot for GQ. Megyn is catty, rude and completely instigated the thing with Trump. She is so self absorbed that she can not see her fault in the situation. #Trump2016

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Linda Leino-Mahac We do not agree. Megyn has continued her biased opinions against Trump. As a result, we no longer watch her program and in fact liked CNN's election results. Cnn's election coverage was better as they included actual vote counts and FOX did not.

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Erin Mahaffey McCarthy Way to go FOX standing up for your reporter! This seems like ridiculous attacks from Trump attacking Megyn Kelly over and over again with degrading female slurs. It is insane for a Presidential candidate to continue this. Megyn repeatedly responds in the face of his attacks very professionally. Sure, at this point, you can tell that she doesn't have any love lost for him, but who can blame her. There is not another person besides possibly Bernie and Rubio (competing candidates) that he has gone after like her. Plenty of male journalists have put him on the spot with questions that are equally aggressive and he doesn't call them bimbos.

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Joe Humbyrd She's a journalist for crying out loud. If she can't take it she should quit. She can sure dish it out. She sounds like a liberal desperately searching for her " safe place". She needs to switch to MSNBC so she can co-host with Rachel Madcow.

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Nancy Gibbons she is going way beyond her bounds as a journalist...she has a sick and cruel obsession with mr. trump, and americans are fed up with fox news...they are the worst ever.

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Manny Medina What about her continued bias reporting against Donald Trump? Has any of the media reported one thing positive about him? There are crazy opportunities out there. No she and the rest of Fox and the establishment haven't. I think they are all in bed together. Thanks for good journalism FOX!

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Angela Phillips Are you fkn kidding me? She's been a b!tech to him and is not a journalist. She is not fair and unbiased.

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Alex McKinley Trump’s endless barrage of crude and sexist verbal assaults?.... So please, what sexist verbal assaults? Knock it off Fox, your turning into CNN and NBC. She attacked and kept on attacking and know she is feeling it in her ratings.

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Anne Stinson Dear FOX News spokesperson....you are out of touch if you think Megyn is an exemplary journalist......believe it or not, she has lost a lot of credibility with people who used to like her.

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Jennifer Bailey Glover I have supported her for years. Not anymore. She has also not been fair, thus the outpouring of negative comments toward her. You, Fox News, are no longer "fair and balanced". You are know waving your political flag, which by the way, shifts with candidates as the wind blows. You are also part of the establishment and funded by the establishment. She shares her opinion, she is not a journalist. Maybe she should go back to practicing law.

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Kelly Moritz Completely wrong... Megyn is biased, arrogant, and for a network that is supposed to be fair and unbiased she is showing a fair left approach... I used to like you Megyn Kelly

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Jack Martin I am not a Trump supporter .. But this is still an example of the media doing the bidding of the Republican establishment.

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Nelson Villatoro Wrong, I used to admire megyn Kelly but her obsession with attack Mr. Trump is beneath a professional journalist. I will never support Kelly or Fox News again.

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Angela Marie Harvey I no longer watch her. Trump was attacked first and that was the way Fox news designed it to be by her. She completely changed her entire persona after the attacks by the two. Short hair, new look and her attitude seems to have suddenly changed. I think Fox created their show pony. Fox news is not like it used to be. All about ratings and the pony brought high ones. Fair and balanced left the port ages ago.

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Linda Goodson Hughes She is a terrible reporter...sick, evil and so silly that she is sickening! Our household never watches Fox except for Hannity, the Only fair and balanced journalist on fox now, we will never return to fox until kelly is gone!! So if you stand with her, fine, go for it!!

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Linda Martin Fry Megyn Kelly hijacked Trump at the first debate! People weren't too happy with her. She has turned into a smug holier-than-thou journalist. I use to admire her. Fox is trying to destroy Trump and so is Megyn. Stop the attacking!

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Bunny Kaufman Meghan Kelly is Bias and not very good at her job, I used to love her, she has changed and not for the better, I now watch a lot of CNN,and MSNBC. But I love the Five.

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