Friday, March 18

Discerning a Call to Ministry : How to Find Your Calling in Life

Answering The call to Ministry
What is The Christian God Called ?

If there is anything else a man can do other than preach, Martyn Lloyd-Jones maintained, he ought to do it. The pulpit is no place for him. The ministry is not merely something an individual can do, but what he must do. To enter the pulpit, that necessity must be laid upon him. A God-called man, he believed, would rather die than live without preaching. —Steve Lawson

What has God Called Me to do ? : 6 Distinguishing Marks of a Call to Gospel Ministry
What constitutes this call to preach or what are the signs of being called to preach? Lloyd-Jones identified six distinguishing marks of this divine summons to the pulpit. He himself had felt the gravity of each of these realities weighing heavily upon his own soul. He believed the same…

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