Sunday, February 28

Total Solar Eclipse: Celestial Phenomenon to Take Place March 8 and 9 Over Pacific Ocean

Total Solar Eclipse: Celestial Phenomenon to Take Place March 8 and 9 Over Pacific Ocean
The eclipse's visibility is set to begin in Indonesia and end in the northern Pacific Ocean. An eclipse occurs when the moon passes between Earth and the sun and partially or wholly conceals the sun.
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According to this Alison Elliott we are in the age of pegasus and this eclipse has to do with the wounded healer chiron the centaur, half man half horse. So good timing on comming to sit with the horses.

The next New Moon is an eclipse on March 8th. It is a moment of profound choice which will re-set the course of your life for the next 19 years and, yes, you read that right! This particular New Moon also happens to be a Total Solar Eclipse, which means that in addition to the usual New Moon magic, you will be co-creating with some amazingly powerful Eclipse energies.
March 9 Total Solar Eclipse 18 degrees Pisces
March 23 Lunar Eclipse 3 degrees Aries/Libra
Eclipses are cosmic wild cards............

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