Sunday, February 28

Total Solar Eclipse: Celestial Phenomenon to Take Place March 8 and 9 Over Pacific Ocean

Total Solar Eclipse: Celestial Phenomenon to Take Place March 8 and 9 Over Pacific Ocean
The eclipse's visibility is set to begin in Indonesia and end in the northern Pacific Ocean. An eclipse occurs when the moon passes between Earth and the sun and partially or wholly conceals the sun.
Read Story from the

According to this Alison Elliott we are in the age of pegasus and this eclipse has to do with the wounded healer chiron the centaur, half man half horse. So good timing on comming to sit with the horses.

The next New Moon is an eclipse on March 8th. It is a moment of profound choice which will re-set the course of your life for the next 19 years and, yes, you read that right! This particular New Moon also happens to be a Total Solar Eclipse, which means that in addition to the usual New Moon magic, you will be co-creating with some amazingly powerful Eclipse energies.
March 9 Total Solar Eclipse 18 degrees Pisces
March 23 Lunar Eclipse 3 degrees Aries/Libra
Eclipses are cosmic wild cards............

Saturday, February 27

WW3 : Minuteman 3: US Military Launches Missile to Remind who the Boss is

Minuteman 3: US Military Launches Missile From Base in California During Operational Test

On Thursday, the U.S. Air Force launched the unarmed Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missile, which flew over the Pacific Ocean, from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. CBS NEWS REPORTED


We just launched Minuteman 3 from California for a test. This can reach 6000 mile and can devastate China and North Korea. We also have a new longrange bomber that can go further without refueling than the B52. It is called the B21. You can see where this is coming towards to. We will have WW3 and the whole world will be devastated. All it takes is China, Russia, or North Korea to make a critical mistake to us. Then off the missiles goes from our AFB in the United States. I hope to God it does not happen. The Bible said the world will be burnt and it points out to be this nuclear holocaust if it is. Master Jose Isidro

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for Iranian Pastor Benham Irani.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please pray for Iranian Pastor Benham Irani. It's been reported that he has recently seen an increase in brutal beatings by police. Prison officials often do this to Christian inmates with the intent to convince them to convert to Islam. Read Story from CBN NEWS

You ca pray this way. Dear Lord Please be with Pastor Irani. Give him strength to endure and let him know that Christians everywhere are praying for him. And Please put in in the heart of his enemies to give him back his freedom and let him come home to his family and friends. In Jesus name Amen 

Heavenly Father, we all come to you in prayer and lift up Pastor Benham Irani, help him to keep his faith in You no matter what Lord, put a hedge of protection around him to keep the enemy away from him, and Father we know you are Most High over all, we ask that You please release our Brother from this prison of the enemy. In Jesus name, Amen!

CDC Warning : Raw milk can carry harmful germs that can make you very sick or kill you

If you don't live on a dairy farm where you can get your unpasteurised milk straight from the cow, to be used that day, then don't drink unpasteurised milk.

Raw Milk Dangers

The Center for Disease Control on February 26, 2016 warned that  Raw milk can carry harmful germs that can make you very sick. You can’t look at, smell, or taste a bottle of raw milk and tell if it's safe to drink. Consider other options if you’re thinking about drinking raw milk because you believe it has health benefits. If you drink raw milk and get sick with symptoms like diarrhea and stomach cramps, see your heathcare provider right away. Read More from CDC .

Dangers of Unpasteurized Milk Dairy causes all kinds of health problems, from acne and asthma to breast and prostate cancer. Visit to learn more.

Share this with your love ones to save life please.

Friday, February 26

Cpl. Kimber Gist , Wounded Berkeley Co. deputy identified; Officials: Suspect dead after standoff

The Berkeley County deputy who was shot while investigating a suspicious vehicle has been identified.
Cpl. Kimber Gist is said to be in stable condition following surgery. Officials say she's in good spirits and is thankful for all the thoughts and prayers.
Authorities say the suspect in the overnight shooting has died from what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
According to a spokesman for the North Charleston Police Department, a SWAT team found the suspect deceased inside a home on Bexley Street in North Charleston after a standoff. Officials said he was holed up in the home, injured and bleeding, when officers first responded. Three other people were able to get out of the home. 

Officials say Gist was shot after investigating a suspicious vehicle behind a closed grocery store off of Red Bank Road in Goose Creek, according to the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office. 
Information from the suspect's vehicle, still on scene in Goose Creek, was registered to the home where the suspect was found. Berkeley and Charleston county deputies, officers from North Charleston, Goose Creek, Hanahan and a K-9 unit responded to the scene.
"The deputy advised at 0038 hours that a person was in custody," reads a statement from the Sheriff's Office. "Shortly thereafter the deputy called out that they were in a fight. The radio then lost contact with the deputy. At some point a citizen assisted the deputy and authorities were called." 
"The deputy, who was wearing body armor, was shot multiple times," it continues. "The specifics as to the number and locations of the shots is not being released at this time."
Chief Deputy Mike Cochran says the suspect and the deputy exchanged shots. Gist is in stable condition at Trident Hospital after undergoing surgery. Cochran says Gist is "doing quite well given the situation."
Officials say she has been with the Sheriff's Office for two and a half years with one year on patrol. Gist was wearing body armor when she was shot. 
A person the deputy had in her patrol vehicle has been interviewed and will not be charged in the incident, Cochran says.
Officials with the Charleston County School District re-routed school buses around the standoff site. Hursey Elementary School was set to go under Code Yellow if the situation was still active when school started. 

Astronaut Scott Kelly is Coming Back to Earth after Spending a Year in the Space

Scott kelly photography
Scott Kelly: Astronaut Says He Could Stay in Space for Another Year
“I could go another year if I had to,” Kelly said during a news conference from the International Space Station. Kelly is scheduled to come home March 1 after nearly completing a one-year mission.

US News is reporting that  "America's space-endurance champ, Scott Kelly, returns to Earth next week after nearly a year in orbit aboard the International Space Station. High on his to-do list when he gets back: jumping into his pool and dining at a real table."

This is an opportunity to congratulate two incredible people for their achievements, as well as a chance to study the effects of prolonged spaceflight. We all have a chance to experience their return to life on earth, and by extension, can live vicariously through their actions and gain a greater appreciation for the mental and physical sacrifices they have made in the pursuit of knowledge. I've the utmost respect for both of these individuals. Scott Kelly, who is the man I'm most familiar with is one hell of a person.
You can watch their return via NASA live streams. We live in a fantastic period of scientific progress and discovery. Do not forget the opportunity to observe scientific history. 

Wednesday, February 24

Carl Moschetto, of Far Rockaway, crashed on Queens highway dies of injuries 5 days later

A 59-year-old man who lost control of his car and crashed on a Queens highway has died of his injuries, police said.

Carl Moschetto, of Far Rockaway, was driving his car west on the Belt Parkway near Lefferts Blvd. in Ozone Park at 4:50 a.m. on Feb. 15 when he lost control and overturned on the right shoulder of the parkway, according to cops.

Moschetto was rushed to Jamaica Hospital with rib and spine injuries, but died of his injuries five days later, officials said.

Cops are still investigating the crash.

Monday, February 22

300x250 vs 300×50 adsense mobile ads

So you want to know the best between adsense ad 300×250 and 300×50 mobile ads ?.

I have tried both of them on this blog, here is what i discovered.

I got more clicks from 300x50 because its smaller . if you ad a picture in your blog post the picture stands bellow the post title on blogger mobile templates and the 300×250 stands on top of the picture making it look too childish. My advice is use the 300×50 for your blogger mobile templates and you will sure get more clicks. 

Thursday, February 18

Snake-Handling Preacher Jamie Coots Dies From (Gasp) Snake Bite

In a twist of fate as predictable as a Love Boat plot, Jamie Coots, a preacher in Kentucky who gained fame for handling snakes while leading services at his church, died on Saturday after a rattlesnake he was handling bit him on the right hand. The 42-year-old was bitten during a religious service and, according to Middlesboro police, refused to go to the hospital for treatment.

Coots appeared on the reality series Snake Salvation, which aired on National Geographic. The show followed the snake handler as he battled the law and outsiders in an attempt to maintain his religious practices at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name church. Coots and his followers were often shown handling poisonous snakes, such as rattlers, copperheads and cottonmouths. Other snake handlers also appeared on the show, which was canceled after its first season.

In an interview which aired earlier on the ABC News show, Nightline, Coots said that he and the parishioners at his church believe they have been called upon by God to handle venomous snakes and to drink other poisonous substances. Should one of the church members be bitten, their practice is to refuse medical intervention, believing that God alone is in charge of their fate. God does not appear to like snake handlers very much, because he chooses to let a lot of them die.

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Wednesday, February 17

Bill Winston Ministries Quotes

dr bill winston - cedit
bill winston ministries
Bill Winston Sermons 

Faith is a higher law than time. You can use your faith to take your future and move it into your now.

The Blessing will take difficulties away from you and turn them into your favor. The Blessing will distinguish you and cause you to operate above the natural man.

Pastor Bill Winston said The more faith you have the more of God's ability you have at your disposal. It is God's ability. What God has promised, He is able to perform.

Increase your knowledge on how to receive God's unconditional love, as well as, use that same love towards everyone as you overcome in your sphere of influence.

Your job is not to achieve, but to receive. God does the work. He acts proportionately to your faith.

The only source of Faith is the Word of God. You must act on the Word of God for your faith to work.

God will distinguish you so you can be a blessing. God is responsible for promoting you, not man.

God has His own diversity program and He is an equal opportunity employer! The Blessing will put you on top.

You cannot reason with the Word of God. You have to receive it by faith and be fully persuaded.

If you believe and act on God's Word it will not return void. It will do what it was sent to do.

God is taking you to a place where you never have to struggle or toil again in your life!.

You have to use your faith to get the best of God. Whatever God calls you to do, He has given you the ability to achieve it.

God’s Word is designed to refresh you like falling rain and showers on new grass. - Deuteronomy 32:2.

God does not compete with alternatives. You must have faith to trust that God is your only source.

The Word of God doesn't need anything but your believing for it to come to pass! The Word of God will supply everything you need!.

The Blessing equips you to fight the giants in your life when you release the Word of God! God wants you to get everything that was left for you in His will!.

Once we start praying the Word of God, it begins to shift our thinking, go down into our heart, take out the old image and put in the new image of the Kingdom of God.

Faith is a servant and is designed to do things for you that are impossible. It feeds on the impossible and breaks limitations.

To win every battle, you will have to stand on the Word of God. The Word will seek and destroy every satanic attack.

We must value the Word of God and put it first place. If nothing else is true, the Word of God is!.

The Blessing is famine proof, recession proof and depression proof! There is no lack in the Kingdom of God!

Radical Christianity believes and trust God no matter what! Let God be true and every man a liar! If He said it, it’s yours!.

Don't talk against your angels! Watch What is Man on the Believer's Walk of Faith!.

Your inheritance includes the blessing. You must have complete confidence in the blessing and the Power of God that works in your life!.

We've got to stop saying what's happening and start saying what's written because that is what God is going to establish in your life.

Get radical for Jesus because God made you (the Church) strong. Radical Christianity believes and trusts God no matter what.

From the living word christian center forest park illinois

There’s some uproar about Kanye West suggesting that he is responsible for making Taylor Swift famous

There’s some uproar about Kanye West suggesting that he is responsible for making Taylor Swift famous. USA Today reports that at the ‪#‎Grammys‬ last night when Swift accepted her album of the year award, she shot back at West telling the crowd, “when you get where you're going, you'll look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there.”

I don’t know about Kanye West and Taylor Swift, but I can tell you in my own life, if there’s been any good that has been accomplished, it is because of God. Time and time again I see God’s hand in my life, and if anything worthwhile has been done, it is because of Him and by His grace. I owe it all to Him. How about you?

The world belongs to Satan," according to rock star Alice Cooper

"The world belongs to Satan," according to rock star Alice Cooper – and his job is to warn people that the Devil is
Known for his outrageous stage act which featured guillotines, electric chairs, chopped up dolls and songs about necrophilia, Cooper – born Vince Furnier – has been a Christian for many years.

In an interview with CNS News he spoke of his struggle with alcoholism, saying: "Thirteen years ago I stopped drinking and I started going back to church. I was throwing up blood every morning, I was really a bad alcoholic. I wasn't a cruel or mean alchoholic, but I was definitely a self-destructive one."

Asked what he would say to people struggling with drugs, alcohol or pornography, he said: "The world doesn't belong to us, the world belongs to Satan. We're living in that world, bombarded with that every day. If you don't have Christ in your life, you're a victim to that."

He also reflected on his Christian family heritage. "My grandfather was a pastor for 75 years," he said. "I grew up in a Christian home. My wife's father is a Baptist pastor. We were PKs, preachers kids and married each other. so I always refer to myself as the real prodigal son because ... I went out and the Lord led me through everything, maybe allowed it but then started reeling me back in, saying OK, you've seen enough, now let's bring you back to where you belong."

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Monday, February 15

Jonathen Lane Combs, 32 of Salem was arrested on charges of second-degree manslaughter,

A Salem man has been arrested after the car he was driving struck and killed a pedestrian, police said. 

Jonathen Lane Combs, 32, was arrested on charges of second-degree manslaughter, reckless driving and recklessly endangering another person.

The charges stem from a crash that took place at 6:25 p.m. Feb. 13. A woman was crossing 25th Street SE at Claude Street SE when she was hit by a vehicle, said Lt. Dave Okada.

The driver was identified as Combs, Okada said. The identity of the pedestrian has not yet been released.

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Sunday, February 14

Isabelle Marie “Toby” Smith, a Sonoma County journalist dies

The world and the written word intrigued Isabelle Marie “Toby” Smith, a Sonoma County journalist who made a dream avocation of traveling to inns up and down the Pacific Coast and throughout Mexico and writing about their wonders and their room for improvement.

Smith, for 60 years the wife and travel partner of late Press Democrat reporter Ray Smith, died Feb. 7 at the age of 85.

As a young woman, the native of New Jersey studied journalism at Washington State University, then wrote for the newspaper on Whidbey Island, then for magazines in New York and for the former Santa Rosa News Herald. For several years she produced a magazine, Golden Gate North.

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Friday, February 12

David Oyedepo Ministries Quotes

DavidoyedepoMinistry International  and Winners Chapel International Quotes

There is noting that can stand against the Word because there is nothing that can stand against Him!

It is very important for you to know that is a spiritual risk to be Word-empty. We must constantly feed on the Word to keep the devil at bay.
1 Timothy 4:13, 15

We must understand that the devil is always out to rob us of our miracles. However, when we serve God’s interest and that of His Kingdom, we come under a divine blessing that the enemy cannot access.
living faith church aka winners chapel
This faith business is very important. Faith cannot be too much. It is the basis on which man relates with God. Without it, man cannot get anything from God.

Jesus did a very neat job. The victory is total – spirit, soul, and body. It is a comprehensive victory for you in all ways. He did it on your behalf!

If you can convince God that you will not waste it, God has no problem dropping His deposit in you.

Let every businessman learn by reading ‪#‎biographies‬ of successful Christian businessmen. Read, learn and gather facts from them, so that your ‪#‎business‬ can come out of obscurity, into the limelight.

When you stop learning, you start dying! This is because people start ageing from the ‪#‎mind‬, not the body.
Your age is not what determines old age. If your mind is not put to proper use, your body soon begins to age. If you keep your mind young by putting it to proper use, it will “youngen” your body.

I want to help you appreciate the fact that you’re not here on earth to live an ordinary life, but to be an example to multitudes — a path-finder here on earth, the envy of your generation.

The state of your life is determined by the state of your mind. Your thoughts hold the key to your life.

Living Faith Church Worldwide Quotes

Ignoring a problem is not faith, it is foolishness. Faith is looking at an apparently insurmountable problem in the face with the spectacles of Scripture.

Stand up from the drawing board, for you have planned enough! It is time for execution!
You cannot be a conqueror without a conquest. When you refuse to run away from a frightening and intimidating enemy but are bold to confront him, then you are on the right path to being crowned “Conqueror”.
-Bishop David Abioye

The moment you lose courage, you have lost the battle. In fact, the most sophisticated weapons of warfare are useless without courage.

If you are afraid to confront your enemy, you will never defeat him. Every conquest therefore is heralded by a confrontation. And to do that, you need courage.

It is you, not God, who determines whether your prayer gets answered or not. As for God, His side is settled. He is constant, man is the variable.

Don't let the devil deceive you into thinking that no one can make it in this race of holiness. God is not a waster, if He is building mansions in heaven, then people must definitely live there.

All through this Prayer and Fasting Season, God has done imaginable great works in our lives!
You can SHARE your testimonies with us by sending an email to or post them in the comment box below.

A soul is the most precious thing to God. Therefore, soul-winning is a most profitable venture and every child of God is ordained a soul winner.

You don't only approach God with His Word, you must come with an unwavering assurance that He abides faithful and cannot deny Himself.

Bishop Abioye Messages

Too many empty talks have been mistaken for faith, words that are not rooted in Scripture. But when your utterances are rooted in the truth, you commit heaven for manifestation

With the Spirit of obedience in place, supernatural breakthroughs become your natural realm.

God performs in prayers, but He perfects in praise. He takes over in prayer, but He demonstrates His intervention in praise.

One thing is needful for every other thing to fall in place — the Word of God. If you check through Scriptures, you will find out that everything is hooked to and rooted in the Word.

To live a life without spot or wrinkle has to be by divine help, which you provoke in prayers.

Do you want breakthroughs? Then make enquires from God in prayer before you take any major step. He will answer you, because He is interested in everything that concerns you.

When you engage the name of Jesus in prayer, you are using a Lawyer Who has never failed. Therefore, present your case in His name and the answer will be in your favour.

Fasting, therefore is not a religious exercise, or one of those things we do in Christianity; it is a vital kingdom force which empowers the believer to loose the bands of wickedness, undo heavy burdens and break every yoke.
Not with an attitude of “Let me try, maybe God will answer.”

As long as you are still breathing, the battle is not over. Rise up and stop tolerating failure and mishaps!

Grace not to faint all through the year in your stewardship in the house of God, receive it in Jesus' name!

The moment you feel too big for the things of God, you will be too small for His blessings.

Receive grace to live above discouragement in your Christian journey in Jesus' name!

God cannot 'PUSH' for you, you have to 'PUSH' and deliver your miracles on the altar of prayer.

Every child of the Most High that is appointed to death this year is delivered now in the name of Jesus!

Faith is an act! This is a very important feature of faith. It is what releases the virtue that gets things done.

No matter the depth you are looking for, the Holy Spirit is the master Teacher. Consciously embrace the ministry of the Holy Spirit by asking for His help in accessing depths in the Word of God.

Desperation will always provoke revelation. When there’s a genuine thirst to know, God promises that He would pour water upon the thirsty ground.

You only have one life to live; grace to live it to the fullest, receive it in Jesus' name!

Monty Williams : Death of trainer wife overshadowed Oklahoma victory

Oklahoma City. After a minute of silence for the deceased on the day before the wife of assistant coach Monty Williams, the Oklahoma City Thunder have retracted their 40th win of the season in the North American professional basketball league NBA. The third best team in the Western Conference won against the New Orleans Pelicans 121: 95 by, thus reinforcing its position behind the Golden State Warriors (48: 4) and the San Antonio Spurs (45: 8). Correct joy did not come up after the success but. After a car accident died on Wednesday Ingrid Williams. Even in New Orleans mourning was announced. Monty Williams had come before the season of the Pelicans to Oklahoma City to support Coach Billy Donovan. "We love this game really, but that is not what is important really," Oklahoma's Kevin Durant, who like Russell Westbrook scored 23 points said. Relationships and family are the most important things in life. said Anthony Davis of the Pelicans "We had to go out there and play we had a job to do.."

Holy Ghost Items

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Nabu Press Geist Unsers Heiligsten [...] Vaters [...] Benedicti [...] Betrachtung Fur Alle Tag [...]...
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Turm-Verlag Das Reich des Heiligen Geistes
Tower Publisher The kingdom of the Holy Spirit
Pages: 154, Hardcover, Tower Publisher
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Johannes Selten Bedachtes über den Heiligen Geist (Sammlung Kriterien)
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Verlag Herder Offener Geist und gläubiges Herz: Biblische Betrachtungen eines Seelsorgers
Verlag Herder open mind and believing heart: Biblical viewing ...
The gospel living: That is the motto of St. Francis of Assisi and characterizes the spirituality of Pope Francis.
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SCHOTT MUSIC GmbH & Co KG, Mainz Introduktion und Variationen: "Nun bitten wir den heiligen Geist". GeWV 414. Orgel 4-händig. (Edition Schott)
SCHOTT MUSIC GmbH & Co KG, Mainz Introduction and Variations, "Well b ...
Additional title: We now implore the Holy Spirit Instrumentation: Orgel 4-h'ndig Contents: Moderato e un poco librero - Adagio - Rubato e deciso - Final Number of pages: 32 ...
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Aufbruch Verlag Vom Heiligen Geist berührt: Wie die Beziehung zum Heiligen Geist dein Leben verändert
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Schott Music Distribution Deutsche Choralmesse: gemischter Chor (SSATBB). Chorpartitur. (Edition Schott)
Schott Music Distribution German Choralmesse: Mixed Choir (SSAT ...
Instrumentation: mixed choir Contents: 1. We now implore the Holy Spirit - 2. Allein Gott in der H'h sei Ehr - 3. We all believe in one God - 4. Come, you wretch -. 5
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St. Benno Komm, heiliger Geist, wirke in uns: Ermutigungen für junge Menschen
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Schott Music Distribution Choralsonate: Orgel.
Schott Music Distribution Choral Sonata: organ.
Instrumentation: Organ Content: From God I will not be - O Lamb of God, innocent - Come Holy Spirit, Lord God of pages: 20 Binding: R'ckendrahtheftung Item: Sheet
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Klemm & Oelschläger Vom Ulmer Heilig-Geist-Spital zur Hospitalstiftung: 770 Jahre Hospitalstiftung Ulm 1240-2010
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It is the story of Hage (Christian Tramitz), sparkles whose radiant days as the Holy Spirit only in matt face of Christian devotional that he incognito ...
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3faltig [Blu-ray]
3faltig [Blu-ray]
It is the story of Hage (Christian Tramitz), sparkles whose radiant days as the Holy Spirit only in matt face of Christian devotional that he incognito ...
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It is the story of Hage (Christian Tramitz) only glisten whose radiant days as the Holy Spirit in matt face of Christian devotional that he incognito ...
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Title Additional: Serious Ges'nge for words of the Holy Spirit Instrumentation: baritone with 4 wind instruments and percussion works: Factory 40 Year of composition: 1922 ...
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Erzähl mir was von Pfingsten
Tell me about Pentecost
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Is the Holy Spirit a ghost? What is a tongue of fire? Who has the hurch ..more
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Tredition Worte des Herzens sind Worte des Heiligen Geistes
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Was Christen glauben den Kindern erklärt
What Christians believe the children explained
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• Suitable for Children introduction to the Christian faith in God the Father, the Son and the • With age-appropriate explanations of how Christians live their faith ..more
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Schöningh Paderborn Glaubenszugänge. Lehrbuch der katholischen Dogmatik. Gesamtausgabe: Glaubenszugänge, 3 Bde. Studienausgabe, Bd.3, Pneumatologie, Die Lehre vom ... Sakramentenlehre, Das Heil aus den Sakrame
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Bibliobazaar Die Anschauung Von Heiligen Geiste Bei Luther: Eine Historisch-Dogmatische Untersuchung
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Schnell & Steiner The Church of the Holy - Spirit -Spitals to Ingolstadt
Pages: 120, Edition: 1, Hardcover, Schnell & Steiner
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The Dresdner Kreuzchor is one of the oldest boys' choirs in the world and is still alive today as ever.
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Ascot Elite Home Entertainment 3faltig
Ascot Elite Home Entertainment 3faltig
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Springer Vom Heilig-Geist-Spital zur Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät: 110 Jahre Staatswissenschaftlich-Statistisches Seminar An Der Vormals Königlichen ... an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Springer From Heilig - Geist -Spital for Economics Fa ...
Pages: 108, Edition: 2000, Paperback, Springer
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To the One
To the One
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A heart full collection of mantras and holy chants from India, the a
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Ascot Elite Home Entertainment 3faltig
Ascot Elite Home Entertainment 3faltig
It is the story of Hage (Christian Tramitz) only glisten whose radiant days as the Holy Spirit in matt face of Christian devotional that he incognito ...
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Nabu Press Der Heilige Geist In Der Heislverkündigung Des Paulus: Eine Biblisch-theologische Untersuchung...
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Musik>Country & Folk>Folk & Folklore>Jiddisch & Klezmer Passions For Klezmer
Music> Country & Folk> Folk & Traditional> Yiddish & Klezmer Passions For ...
Live recording of klezmer trio from the Holy Ghost Church in Saarbrücken.
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Don Bosco Medien GmbH Erzähl mir was von Pfingsten
Don Bosco Medien GmbH Tell me about Pentecost
By Kindersachbuch "Tell me about Pentecost" we discover the story of Pentecost, think about how the Holy Ghost can act now and celebrate the birthday of the Church.
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Verlag Herder De Spiritu sancto = Über den Heiligen Geist (Fontes Christiani. 1. Folge)
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Nabu Press Blicke Des Heiligen Paulus In Die Tiefen Der Weisheit: Ein Versuch, Den Sinn Un Geist Des Apostels In Christlichen Reden Zu Enthülen
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Filme>Komödie 3faltig
Movies> Comedy 3faltig
It is the story of Hage (Christian Tramitz) only glisten whose radiant days as the Holy Spirit in matt face of Christian devotional that he incognito ...
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Alessi Weihnachtskugel Heiliger Geist "Angioletto"
Alessi Christmas Ball Holy Spirit "Angioletto"
The Holy Spirit as hand-blown and hand-decorated Christmas ball from Alessi. The crib as a Christmas tree decoration. That's clever!
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Bürgerspital zum Heiligen Geist Gutswein Riesling Weißwein trocken 0,75 l
Bürgerspital the Holy Spirit Gutswein Riesling dry white wine 0, ...
10,65 Eur / 1l
An exciting wine with beautiful apple and peach fruit.
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Design Toscano GM1013 Der heilige Geist Replikat Buntglas Fenster
Design Toscano GM1013 The Holy Spirit replica stained glass window
Enameled art glass in leaded Including a chain for hanging on the original Tiffany
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Liquides Imaginaires Les Eaux-DelĂ  Sancti EdP Spray
Liquides Imaginaires Les Eaux-delà Sancti EdP Spray
The water of the virtue of holy protection, is of precious importance fuĚ'r the upheaval and OĚ'ffnung of mind. It gives the power to see. A heavenly scent.
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Design Toscano PD3134 heiliger Geist Friedenstaube Marmor-Kunstharz Wandskulptur
Design Toscano PD3134 holy spirit dove marble resin W ...
completed resin cast in marble appearance Manual
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Broschiertes Buch »Geist Gottes«
Paperback book "Spirit of God"
20 years - Celebrating with
Leo Bigger, Fontis - Brunnen Basel, 2015 Book, ISBN 3038480444, EAN 9783038480440 2015 1
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Trollbeads Dreieinigkeit
Trollbeads Trinity
Trinity "Trinity" is a group of closely related members or the community of "Father,Son and Holy Ghost." Designer Søren Nielsen
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It is the story of Hage (Christian Tramitz) only glisten whose radiant days as the Holy Spirit in matt face of Christian devotional that he incognito ...
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Gnomes Beistelltisch - Kartell
Gnomes side table - Kartell
Side Brown Holy Spirit 44 cm, Napoleon and Attila 42 cm cartel. Let us take you by Philippe Starck into a magical world of fairy tales and legends ...
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V&R unipress Heiliger Geist und Rechtfertigung (Planungsrecht)
V & R unipress Holy Spirit and justification (Planning Law)
Pages: 691, Edition: 1, Paperback, V & R unipress
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Gnome Attila Beistelltisch - Kartell
Gnome Attila Side table - Kartell
Side Gold H 42 cm - Seat height: 32 cm Ø cartel. Let us take you by Philippe Starck into a magical world of fairy tales and legends ...
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3faltig (Blu-ray)
3faltig (Blu-ray)
It is the story of Hage (Christian Tramitz) only glisten whose radiant days as the Holy Spirit in matt face of Christian devotional that he incognito ...
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Der Erwählte. 10 CDs
The Holy Sinner. 10 CDs
Shipping bis4,50
About the Holy City of Rome, the official residence of the popes, the bells ring. And they ..more
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null Ein Weihnachtsmärchen
null Christmas Carol
On Christmas Eve gets the old miser Scrooge unexpected visit. DC dr ..more
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