Tuesday, January 5

Pray for Dozen US troops are surrounded by Taliban in Afghanistan

At this moment a dozen US troops are surrounded by Taliban in Afghanistan. Let's pray now! Ps 140:1 says"Deliver me O Lord from evil men; preserve me from violent men" so this is our prayer for our troops and all those who are with them. We pray not only for their deliverance but for healing for those who need it. No more shall lose their life but all will return safely. We call upon angels to intervene and rescue them. We pray that peace calm their minds and steady their hands. We ask for wisdom and strategy for their superiors. We declare by faith nothing-including political agendas-will get in the way of their deliverance. And we pray for the fear of the Lord to come upon all their enemies. We expect the hand of The Lord to be heavy upon them and all those in harms way, wherever they are. Amen!
Now give God praise and continue to pray in the spirit for those soldiers.
Thank you for praying with me!

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