Sunday, January 10

Lysa TerKeurst 2016 Word of Prophecy

Do you ever struggle with the "mean girl" trying to come out? Or the mean mom? Or the mean sister? Or the mean wife?
How is it I can be marching along to the sweetest tune and then veer off so suddenly into a bad attitude?
I wish there was one simple fix-it plan where if we follow three steps all tendencies toward emotional eruptions would vanish. But that's not reality. If all we needed to follow was a plan, we'd have no need to follow Jesus.
And ultimately isn't that what life is supposed to show us – that we need to follow Jesus? So what does Jesus say about this? He says we must do three things. But these aren't three easy steps. They are three attitude shifts of the heart.
He says we have to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him (Matthew 16:24).
Deny myself…
I have to look beyond the emotions begging to erupt and use self-control. I have to deny myself the momentary satisfaction of the quick comeback, the rude response, and the full out yelling.
Deny myself. It's hard. But it is the way with Jesus.
Then I must take up my cross…
My cross. Stop the blaming and finger-pointing and wishing everyone else would change … and see my sinful reaction as a negative contribution to the problem at hand. I must take my issues to His cross and see my sin for what it is – sin. And I must be disgusted enough by my sin to truly want to do something about it.
Take up my cross. It's hard. But it is the way with Jesus.
Finally, I must follow Him…
Really follow Him. Follow who He is and how He is. I must close my mouth, pause long enough to let Him interrupt my eruption, and let His Spirit redirect me.
Follow who He is and how He is. It's hard. But it is the way with Jesus.
Yes, it’s amazing how quickly the "mean girl" in me vanishes when I deny myself, admit my sin, and choose to let Jesus interrupt me.

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