Sunday, January 10

John Bevere 2016 : “Good or God?

“When I first started reading ‪#‎GoodOrGod‬ I kept thinking it was a great message for other people—for friends, for the Church at large, for those who were ‘drifting from God.’ But the more I read, the more I realized this was for me. It's too easy to ignore the uncomfortable parts of the Bible, but these are often the parts we need the most.”
—Reader Review
“Good or God? is an amazing lesson in discernment that will challenge you to truly seek the Lord for His perfect will in your life.”
―Joyce Meyer, Bible teacher and best-selling author

“John Bevere is a respected teacher, leader, and author, and beyond all of that he is a good friend and fellow kingdom builder. His desire to see each person live not just a good life but a God life will increase your faith and challenge you to walk boldly into all that Jesus has for you. John’s teaching and personal revelations will give you new insight into the will of God and His very best plans for your future.”
―Brian Houston, senior pastor of Hillsong Church
“When I read the stories of people who did unprecedented things out of love for God, I find myself longing to be among them. Good or God? speaks to what happens in the minds and hearts of those who truly embrace God’s best―rather than settling for easier counterfeits. If you share this desire to know and serve God in a radical way, I urge you to read this book.”
―John C. Maxwell, best-selling author and speaker
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