Sunday, January 3

Jesse Duplantis Ministries Word for 2016.

We should respect the way God speaks through words of knowledge, wisdom, and prophecy. But we should also realize that the Bible is the final authority for governing our lives. Even though a word may come from God and it may give you great encouragement or direction, we must understand that it’s still being relayed through a human being. And none of us is perfect. Knowing this, it’s natural for your mind to want to check it out.

God will often speak to your soul. Some people think that God doesn’t like our soul. They think God would prefer if we were like robots, but that is just not true. God loves the soul! He created it. And besides, it’s where the decision is made to accept salvation. God loves your mind, will, and emotions and just wants to see this vital part of who you are strong and healthy. 
Without God’s presence and His principles for living, our mind is heavy and burdened, our will is either weak or pointed in the wrong direction, and our emotions are unbalanced and unstable. God knows that we can be this way, and He wants to help us have a good life. And you just can’t have that without a healthy soul. So He talks to you this way sometimes to help you out in life.

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