Saturday, January 2

Bishop T.D Jakes Prophecy for 2017

Happy New Year! 2016 is your Year to Possess the Land and the Promises of God!

In 2016 You Need to be Grounded to Receive Your Inheritance. 

 "The Grace To Be Grounded" Psalm 1:1-3
For what God's getting ready to do in your life, you've gotta be grounded! Your moving around is canceling your blessing. The more grounded you are the more fruitful you will be. Stand your ground! God's gonna position you around something that's bigger than you. Your life shall be like a tree planted by living waters. God is going to give you specific instructions on how to be grounded in faith, prayer, finances. God is going to gift you if you are grounded. STAND your ground. God is about to place you in the spot where the RIVERS FLOW! You're going to have to rededicate yourself to the Lord, you have to be Grounded. You have to be consistent to get the Harvest that God has for you! The harvest is plentiful. You will have to be grounded for God to deliver it. It's my FRUIT and it's my SEASON!.

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  1. Tuli Kapowai
    Tuli Kapowai Amen, Amen, Amen. yes Lord please keep our records. I know you see everything. We receive all your praise and glory in our heart body mind and soul . We will prevail and victory will be ours. td jakes internet church

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    Aniceta Aplaon
    Aniceta Aplaon Yes Lord! I know the best is yet to come. You are tge greatest and the mightiest! Nothing above the heavens and underneath the earth can surpass Your greatness O God!
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    Mary Rose Cadiz Picard
    Mary Rose Cadiz Picard Lord God, it's been very painful to me at the age of 24 to always end up in a failure relationship.. I just knew that my bf from other part of the world secretly betray and meet his ex.. I wonder sometimes , is true love really exist ? Am I deserving t...See More
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    Tania Paz Escamilla
    Tania Paz Escamilla Amen thank you Jesus because you find the way to answer my prayers, thank you because you saved my life to find you, thank you because you take away all my suffer and my pain thank you for let me be with my family Amen My Lord thank you for your mercy for me. I praise my Lord.
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    Linda Wood
    encouraging quotes for pastors Linda Wood Thank you Heavenly Father for all you have given to me and my Family, Your Goodness Lord. Praying and Thanking you Lord for the many Blessings we have yet to receive, that you Lord have in store for us. Praises for your Strength Lord keeping us Strong through our struggles. So Grateful Lord, In your mighty name Jesus I Pray, Amen!!!
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    Ginger Ramsey
    Ginger Ramsey Yes God does.. double for your trouble.. and a 7 fold return! He is the God of Justice.. key is to forgive those who have hurt you, offended you and pray for them.. This is God's process! potters house td jakes

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    Ayite Doreen
    Ayite Doreen Amen �� pastor Joel osteen am really going through a lot of problems since 7/01/17 am not in home am at the protection home because I have some life threatening with one of my family members. They are my blood sister and the son. Pastor Joel i need you...See More
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    Cindy Gutierrez
    powerful christian quotes Cindy Gutierrez Thank you my father God I know who did me wrong by not letting to excel but I trust your will is the best I have to keep me going thru the storm and I can fine u there amen. more expository sermon outlines

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    Phillip Hamilton
    Phillip Hamilton dats wats wrong with people 2day always reflectin on your past its your past you cant bring it back look forward for 2morrow an you would be so surprisd how much this world an your life wud bee amen amen
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    Charlie Garcia
    Charlie Garcia Yes i remeber alot of Christmases my mom never had gifts to give us and oneshe gave us 5 dollars each and we were 3 and i started to cry and i told my mom that it was all right and we ate good that night cause we did have food and my dad said its hard...See More
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    Ije Clara
    Ije Clara Glory be to his holy name in the highest. Our God is awesome and everything written about him is Great . Thank you Lord for ever you my God.
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    Sharon Edlin
    Sharon Edlin God has always been by my side keeping me strong when I felt weak not letting me give up when that's what I felt like doing he is my savior I believe in him and his plans for me td jakes the potter's house live internet church
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    Lisa Welter
    Lisa Welter Amen!! Thank you my Lord and Savior for your love and for all the blessing I received. Thank you woman thou art loosed conference 2017 for this message of hope and faith. religious leaders of christianity