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Amphibian Species of the World : Absurd Creature of the Week: This Toad Isn’t Eating a Bug. The Bug Is Eating It

LET ME GET real about amphibians: The things are cocky. They’re so much bigger than their helpless prey—things like worms and insects—that they tend to indiscriminately snatch up anything that’s a manageable size.
But like the Mighty Ducks rose up to defeat the seemingly unbeatable Team Iceland, one beetle has evolved to put amphibians in their place. As larvae, beetles of the genusEpomis actually entice frogs and toads and salamanders to attack them, then whip around and sink their huge, hooked jaws into the attackers, slowly draining the life out of them. When the larvae transform into adult beetles, they get right back to it, only now they dispatch amphibians even more brutally. Like, a kind of brutality that involves snipping a frog’s leg muscles so it can’t escape.

Agenda 21 Depopulation : scientists gave standing ovation for plan to kill 90 percent of human population with airborne Ebola

mass 90
(NaturalNews) Some clues about the origins of the latest Ebola outbreak may be found in the contents of a speech given at the 109th meeting of the Texas Academy of Science back in 2006. Professor Erik Pianka reportedly told his audience that the best way to kill off 90 percent of the human population would be to spread an airborne version of the Ebola virus, to which he received an enthusiastic standing ovation.

As reported by Australian journalist John Ballantyne, Pianka opened up the meeting with a series of highly disturbing statements on population control, which were so controversial that he had them censored from video footage captured at the event. Pianka basically likened humans to bacteria during his extensive rant, claiming that we are destroying the planet and need to be culled in mass numbers.

Professor Erik Pianka proposes weaponizing Ebola

"[Pianka] argued that the sharp increase in the human population since the onset of industrialization was destroying the planet," wrote Ballantyne for News Weekly. "He warned that Earth would not survive unless its human population was reduced to a tenth of its present number."

In order to do this, Pianka proposed the idea of weaponizing Ebola, and specifically Ebola Reston, to travel through the air rather than just through fluids. Since AIDS apparently takes too long to kill off its victims, Ebola is a much better option, in his view. This, combined with the usual weapons of manufactured war and famine, just might be successful in culling billions of people from the planet.

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Gulf Stream and Climate Change : Is the Gulf Stream broken? NOAA satellite data sounds alarm

(NaturalNews) It's no secret that the weather is becoming more severe as time goes on. From places like Buffalo, New York, which recently got hit with a hefty 5 feet of snow during one storm, to other areas that experience extreme temperature fluctuations from one day to the next, it's obvious that the climate is changing.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) satellite data and details from an animated map called the Earth Wind Map, show that it's not only changing, but that it's changing fast.

Data suggests rapid changes occurring in Gulf Stream temperature

November 2014 data suggests that the stream is exhibiting colder than normal conditions. On top of that, it's taking place in not just one area, but two, further demonstrating that climate changes are underway. For example, both sites showed that the North Atlantic was colder than average, but also that the Gulf itself is colder than normal, which was not the case just one month prior, in October 2014.

The information has many wondering if the Gulf Stream may be broken, something that surely is cause for concern as bizarre weather patterns continue to occur. Unfortunately, it would appear that it is indeed broken and that climate changes will become the norm.

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A field trip to San Quentin California Oldest Prison

What if, instead of building prisons in remote locations, we put them near cities, accessible to family members and to the resources--educational, vocational, therapeutic, recreational, cultural--that are scarce in most prison towns?
What if, instead of walling out the world, we invited in volunteers by the hundreds to help prepare inmates for life outside--to put the correction in “corrections?”
What if we offered public tours, during which visitors could chat with prisoners beyond the earshot of corrections officers?
What if we allowed the prisoners to publish a newspaper and produce a radio program?
What you’ve just imagined is San Quentin, California’s oldest prison, housing the state’s felonious since 1852.

Wealthy Christians : More Than Half The world’s Billionaires are Christians, Here are those At The Top Including A Nigerian Woman!

Here’s a list of the billionaires and entrepreneurs who are Christians from all around the world – the richest Christians in the world – deducing from the result obtained from the study. As you read their short biographies, you will see as the scriptures came alive in their lives yielding massive results for them. Checkout the list below:

1. John D Rockefeller

He was the founder of the Standard Oil Company, which dominated the oil industry. Rockefeller revolutionised the petroleum industry and set the standard for modern philanthropy.
He was a devout Christian who taught in Sunday school and supported many church-based projects throughout his life. Rockefeller was quoted as saying “God gave me money”, and he did not apologise for it. He followed John Wesley’s principle of “gain all you can, save all you can, and give all you can.”
From his very first paycheck, Rockefeller tithed ten percent of his earnings to his church. As Rockefeller’s wealth grew, his giving also increased, with most of his giving going towards educational and public health causes, as well as basic science and the art.
He became the world’s richest man and the first American worth more than a billion dollars. After taking into account inflation, he is often regarded as being the richest person in modern history.

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Church Property for Sale : Banks foreclosing on churches in record numbers

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Banks are foreclosing on America's churches in record numbers as lenders increasingly lose patience with religious facilities that have defaulted on their mortgages, according to new data.

The surge in church foreclosures represents a new wave of distressed property seizures triggered by the 2008 financial crash, analysts say, with many banks no longer willing to grant struggling religious organizations forbearance.

Since 2010, 270 churches have been sold after defaulting on their loans, with 90 percent of those sales coming after a lender-triggered foreclosure, according to the real estate information company CoStar Group.

In 2011, 138 churches were sold by banks, an annual record, with no sign that these religious foreclosures are abating, according to CoStar. That compares to just 24 sales in 2008 and only a handful in the decade before.

The church foreclosures have hit all denominations across America, black and white, but with small to medium size houses of worship the worst. Most of these institutions have ended up being purchased by other churches.

The highest percentage have occurred in some of the states hardest hit by the home foreclosure crisis: California, Georgia, Florida and Michigan.

"Churches are among the final institutions to get foreclosed upon because banks have not wanted to look like they are being heavy handed with the churches," said Scott Rolfs, managing director of Religious and Education finance at the investment bank Ziegler.

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Baba Vanga Predictions 2016 : Woman Who Predicted The Fall of The Twin Towers Has Bad News For 2016

She was covered in a churchyard of the Saint Petca Bulgarian Church in the Rupite region. Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova’s enthusiasm for governmental issues was not coincidental. She was conceived on the region of present day Macedonia – the area which was an apple of disunity for quite a long time between Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia. Her local area experienced two World Wars in which the Bulgarians and the Serbs were battling in various camps. She was always recognized as one of the great visionaries of the twentieth century due to the precision with which she anticipated in advance many of the great world events. She was known in the region as the “Nostradamus of the Balkans”.
Vanga lost her sight when she was 12. She was cleared away by a compelling tornado. Later she was discovered alive, secured with earth and stones, with sand in her eyes. She got to be visually impaired subsequently.

Lemon and warm water for weight loss : Lemon water health benefits

If most people are asked, they tend to list a lack of time as a reason for not following healthy habits. And it is true that between work, long commutes, childcare and keeping up with a household, time can certainly seem thin on the ground. But the fact is that if someone is wanting to change their lifestyle and develop healthy habits, this can be done without a huge expenditure of time. There are in fact some small changes that people can make that can nonetheless bring major benefits to the body. A walk around the block in the morning. Taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator. Packing a sandwich instead of going through the drive-through — all of this can add up. Another small but significant lifestyle change to consider is drinking lemon water throughout the day. Here’s what this superdrink can do:

Clears the skin

Even by itself, water is excellent for skin health: skin that is hydrated is full and youthful-looking and less prone to puffiness, wrinkles or other signs of aging. When the antioxidant and detoxifying power of Vitamin C from the lemons is added to the mix, it makes for a very effective skin tonic indeed! The lemon water can also be used topically as a toner to leave the complexion smooth and clear.

Obituary : Former New Orleanian Julia Aaron Humbles, activist and Freedom Rider, dies at 72

Julia Aaron Humbles, a New Orleans native and a lifelong activist who inspired the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. with her commitment to the civil rights movement, died Tuesday in Stone Mountain, Georgia, of complications from ovarian cancer. She was 72.
In 1961, Humbles’ face made national news because of a photo of her and fellow activist David Dennis sitting on the front seat of a bus next to a soldier armed with a rifle and bayonet. Soldiers had been ordered to protect the Freedom Riders as they rode across the Deep South, determined to desegregate bus stations.
More than 20 years later, her daughter, Johari Humbles, saw the photo in a book she was using for a school project on black history. “A classmate said, ‘Is this your mom?’ And I said, ‘No way,’ ” Johari said. After reading the caption, she realized it was her mother.

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NASA Shares Selfie : Namib Dune, is a composite of 57 different images

Our Curiosity Rover has perfected taking selfies on Mars. This self-portrait shows the rover at the “Namib Dune,” where it has been scooping samples of sand for analysis. The rover may look petite in this shot, which combines 57 separate images, while it was gathering sand samples on the red planet mars.
The image, taken Jan. 19 at the Namib Dune, is a composite of 57 different images, NASA said Friday. Curiosity has been operating on Mars since Aug. 6, 2012.

'X-Files' character Agent Fox Mulder persuade others of the existence of extraterrestrial activity

Finally, they are slowly introducing the idea to society, so it doesn't become an uproar immediately when they do reveal life outside of our planet. At least that is my conspiracy on it. I always thought that they would slowly have to introduce the idea, and here we are. I mean, think about it, just a few months ago they announced that they had discovered flowing water on Mars. Now this. I think we will slowly be given more information over a long period of time, until it is finally accepted into society that we are always being visited.

The universe is believed to be infinite in size. To me, I see no reason why we should think we are the only intelligent species in the universe.
The CIA has this on their website and today its being covered by all the major news networks. We frequently discover species on earth we never knew existed, there are millions of planets in space, why think that there isn't life on other ones?

El Misti in Peru May Be Reawakening for the First Time in Centuries.

El Misti in Peru May Be Reawakening for the First Time in Centuries.
The OVS/IG-Peru released a statement this week about the current rumbling at El Misti. The volcano is beginning to show more signs of a potential renewal of eruptive activity, which would be its first since the 15th century. There have been several periods of very intense fumarolic activity at the volcano since that 15th century event, but Peruvian officials are taking no chances as almost 1 million people live within 30 kilometers of the volcano. This statement was meant to be a reminder to the people living in Arequipa that they live next to a potentially active volcano, so they should plan accordingly by not building onto the sides of the volcano or within drainages leading from the volcano. They also remind officials that plans for evacuations should be ready if the need arises. If anything does begin to happen, you can check out an OVI webcam of El Misti.
Steph Anderson's photo.
Steph Anderson's photo.

Great Pyramid of Giza: German Teenager Andrej Ciesielski Illegally Climbs Monument

Andrej Ciesielski, 18, climbed the 146-meter monument in eight minutes and took pictures once he reached the top. He was taken to the police station for questioning afterwards but released shortly.
I don't know.. For me, if I ever had the opportunity, I would see it more like getting close to history. I want to feel every stone and marvel at every secret nook and appreciate the work and architecture.
Like when I hike I feel like I am part of the nature I love so much. I love each ring of coloured clay in the giant bowls of clay carved out by waterfalls over time.
Like when I meet a new creature. I get to learn their body language, feel their heartbeat, and speak soul to soul. I admire the beauty of our similarities and our differences as creatures of earth.
Or even like discovering the mind and body of a lover. Peer into his soul and learn his life. Kiss, touch and taste his very being.. Entwining together in a dance that nature has taught us, but that we have made our own..
I suppose what I am saying is, it would be truly humbling to experience history in such an intimate and eye opening way..
Climbing the 4,500-year-old pyramid is strictly prohibited by law, and can be punished with a penalty of up to three years in prison.

Mara Salvatrucha killings : Authorities arrest more than 50 members of MS-13 gang in Boston area

More than 50 members of the MS-13 gang in and around Boston have been indicted on federal racketeering charges, federal authorities announced Friday.
The notoriously violent gang, also known as La Mara Salvatrucha, is known for using machetes to kill and injure rival gang members. In 2012, MS-13 became the first and remains the only street gang to be designated by the U.S. government as a "transnational criminal organization," according to the indictment.
In all, 56 gang members were indicted on racketeering conspiracy charges, including charges related to murder, conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder. Some are also charged with drug trafficking, firearm violations, immigration offenses and fraudulent document charges.
The gang has more than 30,000 members internationally — mainly in El Salvador, Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala — and over 6,000 members in the U.S., the indictment says.

Thursday, January 28

Babylonia and Uruk : Ancient Culture May Have Used Advanced Geometry to Plot Jupiter's Path, Study Says

Now analysis of clay cuneiform tablets found in Babylonia and Uruk shows they could predict the position of celestial bodies using advanced geometric techniques thought to have been invented in 14th-century Europe...
The writings describe two intervals after Jupiter appears along the horizon, projecting the planet’s position at 60 and 120 days.......
..We now know they were using geometry in an abstract sense, to define time and velocity, "In all of these texts, the zodiac, invented in Babylonia near the end of the 5th century BCE, is used as a coordinate system for computing celestian positions."
14th-century European scholars in Oxford and Paris who had been credited with developing time-velocity geometric predictions were over a thousand years behind their ancient Babylonian peers.
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IC 1613: European Southern Observatory Releases New Image of Nearby Galaxy

IC 1613: European Southern Observatory Releases New Image of Nearby Galaxy
The dwarf galaxy, which was first discovered in 1906, is located about 2.3 million light-years away from Earth. IC 1613 is characterized by its lack of dust and pink coloration.
The Milky Way's next door neighbor, dwarf galaxy IC 1613! It contains very little cosmic dust allowing astronomers to explore its contents with great clarity.
Location: IC 1613 is a dwarf galaxy in the constellation of Cetus (The Sea Monster).

ESO Astronomy's photo.

Latino kid Cedrick Argueta from Lincoln Heights HS Earns Perfect Test Score on AP Calculus Exam

Miracles do happen. Latino kid from Lincoln Heights HS in LA and poor high crime neighborhood score perfect score on an Advanced Placement Calculus exam. Only 11 others in the world did the same. Bright future with MIT, NASA and likely a full ride scholarship.
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Zika Virus: World Health Organization Estimates 3 to 4 Million People Will Be Infected With Virus

Breaking News: Officials from the World Health Organization (WHO)say the Zika virus, a tropical infection new to the Western Hemisphere, is “spreading explosively” in the Americas.
The World Health Organization estimates 3-4 million will be infected and is considering declaring a public health emergency. God forbid, but I hope this wasn't another scientific experiment using human guinea pigs gone wrong. Yes, it has happened many times although we don't have recent accounts that I'm aware of except before the 1980's. If we can learn anything from history though, it's that nothing is beyond believable or barbaric. I don't know, but I do know we should be praying for those poor folks affected and pray it doesn't reach us here in the U.S.
I'm calling it right now, the Zika Virus is going to be the "Ebola" scare of 2016. Every year there is some new virus that is supposed to destroy man kind and the news covers it 24/7 and scares the shit out of people making them think the apocalypse is coming. So fucking stupid. I am starting to see a ton of articles being published about the Zika Virus.

Zika virus, caused by mosquitos, is spreading explosively now as warned by WHO.
There is no cure yet to this virus. It mostly affects the unborn babies' brain development. Parents-to-be please take care of yourself and the fetus for their healthy life.
With the appropriate and effective disbursement of mosquito netting, and mosquito repellent products, it can reduce the incidence of the disease. The precautionary steps are to stop new infections, avoid traveling to the affected areas and if possible to postpone getting pregnant...
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FBI Arrests Man Samy Mohamed Hamzeh Who Was Allegedly Planning Mass Shooting, Officials Say

This Puke planned to shoot up a temple in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
Huge story. Is this going to be a normal thing now across America? I think so come 5,10, 50 years from now. I'm not 100% on that.
However I am convinced future generations will be dealing with jihadis like this in their own back yards thanks to open boarders. And this cockroach is from Milwaukee.
I say hang him.
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Wrestler with Down Syndrome : Deven Schuko, a senior at Norton High School, let himself be pinned when competing against Andrew Howland.

An undefeated high school wrestler let a wrestler with down syndrome win and people are upset he let the kid win? So people can't do a good thing without upsetting people? I hope by 2017 the overly offended people seek help, get a pet or do something that helps them no longer be giant babies. You're not in kindergarten and your blue crayon wasn't taken from you, so toughen up and stop crying.

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Developing Schizophrenia : “Eric Lander, said: “the origin of schizophrenia is no longer a complete black box

Scientists were able to track brain activity that can increase a person's chance of developing schizophrenia. The results were published in the journal Nature.
For those of us whose families have suffered through (and suffer still) the indescribable nightmare of schizophrenia, this is earth-shaking news.
“Eric Lander, director of the Broad Institute, said: “For the first time, the origin of schizophrenia is no longer a complete black box. While it’s still early days, we’ve seen the power of understanding the biological mechanism of disease in other settings. Early discoveries about the biological mechanisms of cancer have led to many new treatments and hundreds of additional drug candidates in development. Understanding schizophrenia will similarly accelerate progress against this devastating disease that strikes young people.”
There is hope. For some it will, as is always the case, come too late - but still...there is hope.
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Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists : Symbolic Time Representing Dangers to Humanity Set at 3 Minutes to Midnight

Doomsday Clock: Symbolic Time Representing Dangers to Humanity Set at 3 Minutes to Midnight
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists said the clock's minute hand held at the same time as in 2015. The closer to midnight the clock gets, the more the group believes a global catastrophe is likely.
"Three minutes (to midnight) is too close. Far too close," the Bulletin said in a statement. "We, the members of the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, want to be clear about our decision not to move the hands of the Doomsday Clock in 2016: That decision is not good news, but an expression of dismay that world leaders continue to fail to focus their efforts and the world's attention on reducing the extreme danger posed by nuclear weapons and climate change.

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Jerry Savelle Daily Devotional 2016 : Sanctify them through thy truth

Jesus said, “Thy Word is truth.” (John 17:17, KJV). The dictionary definition for truth is “the highest form of reality that exists.”
Read full devotional by clicking the link:

Jerry Savelle Ministries International's photo.

Steven Furtick Quotes 2016 : How can i help others ?


Those of us who are strong and able in the faith need to step in and lend a hand to those who falter, and not just do what is most convenient for us. Strength is for service, not status. Each one of us needs to look after the good of the people around us, asking ourselves, “How can I help?”
That’s exactly what Jesus did. He didn't make it easy for himself by avoiding people’s troubles, but waded right in and helped out. “I took on the troubles of the troubled,” is the way Scripture puts it. Even if it was written in Scripture long ago, you can be sure it’s written for us. God wants the combination of his steady, constant calling and warm, personal counsel in Scripture to come to characterize us, keeping us alert for whatever he will do next. May our dependably steady and warmly personal God develop maturity in you so that you get along with each other as well as Jesus gets along with us all. Then we’ll be a choir—not our voices only, but our very lives singing in harmony in a stunning anthem to the God and Father of our Master Jesus! ^Romans 15:1-6 (MSG)

Tarangire National Park : Photos Show Rare Omo White Giraffe Grazing in National Park

I hope they leave her alone.
This giraffe is so rare that she might literally be one of a kind.
Omo is a white giraffe living in Tanzania's Tarangire National Park. First spotted last year, the image above shows her alive and well just last week.
"She survived her first year as a small calf, which is the most dangerous time for a young giraffe due to lion, leopard and hyena preying on them," ecologist and Wild Nature Institute (WNI) founder Derek Lee told the Telegraph.

Shocker As Corpses Are Exhumed At A ‘Man Of God”s Church Foundation In Enugu

Three dead bodies have been exhumed from a building site at Ugwuaji Area of Enugu on the Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway. This shocking discovery was made yesterday, 25th January. The corpses were exhumed from the foundation of a building that is said to be owned by a church. The church is under construction while the bodies were cemented over. Locals claim one of the site workers heard about what became of the fate of the three men and raised an alarm to the police. The police officers came and exhumed the bodies from the site. Some residents say the building is owned by a ‘man of God’ while others dismiss him as nothing but a ritualist. See shocking photos below:

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Creflo Dollar Highway : Megachurch pastor may get major Atlanta road named after him

The impact and popularity of megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar has been highly debated in Atlanta and nationally. Last year, Dollar waged an online campaign to raise $65 million for a new Gulfstream G-650 jet to support his ministry. Now it seems that Dollar may get a major Atlanta road named after him if Georgia State Senator Donzella James has her way.
James introduced Senate Resolution 805 to dedicate a portion of Old National Highway in South Fulton County as “Creflo Dollar Highway.” Dollar’s World Changers Church International is located in Sen. James’ district and is a major landmark and has provided debatable economic progress for an area that is noted for its high crime and prostitution. However, many people have an issue 

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Polygamy in Africa Today : Marry Two Wives OR be Arrested; Eritrea Gets New Law Over Shortage of Husband

polygamist family
After polygamy was legalized in Kenya, another country has followed...

Mandatory polygamy by men in Eritrea is being received with a mix of bewilderment and excitement.

Activists have posted a memo by the Government of Eritrea asking men to marry at least two wives due to acute shortage of men occasioned by casualties during the civil war with Ethiopia.

The May 1998 to June 2000 Eritrean/Ethiopian war saw 150,000 soldiers killed from either sides but bigger impact on male population in the Eritrea nation who were then just 4 million people in total.

The statement assures of government support to the polygamous marriages.
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South Africa President Jacob Zuma blames Christianity for South Africa's problems

Mr Zuma, South Africa's first Zulu president, told an event in his home province of KwaZulu-Natal that Christianity brought about "orphans" and "old-age homes" thereby destroying Africa's traditions, according toSouth Africa's Times newspaper.
"As Africans, long before the arrival of religion and [the] gospel, we had our own ways of doing things," he said.
"Those were times that the religious people refer to as dark days but we know that, during those times, there were no orphans or old-age homes. Christianity has brought along these things."
Mr Zuma's office later issued a statement saying that his comments had been reported in a "misleading manner" and were aimed at ensuringSouth Africans do not neglect African culture.
"While we should embrace western culture and Christianity, we should not neglect the African ways of doing things," said Mac Maharaj, presidency spokesman.