Sunday, December 27

First Nations health advocate Raven Thundersky dies of asbestos-related cancer

WINNIPEG—A Manitoba advocate for people who suffered from illnesses linked to vermiculite insulation has died of a cancer closely associated with asbestos, her daughter says.
Raven ThunderSky grew up in a home on Poplar River First Nation with asbestos-laced insulation and lost several family members to related illnesses.
Her daughter, Raven-Dominique Gobeil, says ThunderSky died on Christmas Eve of mesothelioma at the age of 50.
In 2008, ThunderSky said she wrote then-prime minister Stephen Harper asking for a public inquiry into Zonolite, the insulation that was frequently made from Montana-mined vermiculate and found to contain naturally occurring asbestos.
ThunderSky was also critical when a settlement was offered in a class-action lawsuit against the American company that made Zonolite, saying the amount wouldn’t begin to cover the costs of removing the insulation from homes.

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