Thursday, December 31

NYC Pastor Pastor Daniel Iampaglia Caught Stealing Church Money

A New York City church pastor has been arrested on suspicion of stealing money from the parish after surveillance video captured him allegedly pocketing the church's offerings -- but he's still leading services at the church. 
Pastor Daniel Iampaglia was arrested at the Rock Church on East 62nd Street on Nov. 24 on a charge of petit larceny, according to  police. He was issued a desk appearance ticket and released the same day, scheduled to return Jan. 5. 
But in the meantime, he's continuing to hold services, and parishioners are not happy.
Church board members became suspicious after Iampaglia was hospitalized for three weeks, and during his absence, donations during their regular Sunday and Tuesday collections tripled.
They set up a camera, and video from it, obtained exclusively by NBC 4 New York, captured Iampaglia repeatedly going into the church office and pocketing cash from the offerings envelope, board members say. 
"He would go in repeatedly," said Sue Cruz, one of the board members. "I think there was one day he went in three times." 
When board members confronted the pastor one Sunday after church in November, "the ironic thing is, he called the police to have the board expelled from the church for harassment," according to board member Joseph McGee. 
But after seeing the videos, cops arrested Iampaglia instead, for allegedly stealing $238. 
Still, Iampaglia is working at the church. 
"Right after he was arrested, the following Sunday I thought he'd be too ashamed to come downstairs and preach. He preached," said Cruz. 

Pastor David Ibiyeomie Prophecy for 2016

This is our year ‪#‎ContinuousProgress‬ , you will laugh into the year 2016. No power or force in hell can stop you. Laughter will be your portion, you will laugh at your enemies and you will laugh best.‪#‎DavidIbiyeomie‬#ContinuousProgress ‪#‎December‬ ‪#‎SeasonsGreetings‬ ‪#‎5NightsOfGlory‬#5NightsOfGlory #5NightsOfGlory #5NightsOfGlory #5NightsOfGlory
Salvation Ministries's photo.

Wednesday, December 30

Americans name Billy Graham one of the 10 most admired men , For record 59th time

This article says Billy Graham was among the 10 men most admired by Americans again in 2015. My father would say, “It’s not about me—it’s all about the Lord Jesus Christ.” I remember years ago when he stood up to speak to a massive crowd of itinerant evangelists from around the world we had brought together for a conference—and they wouldn’t stop applauding. He motioned for them to stop, but they wouldn’t. He just kept quietly saying, “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30). A good reminder to us all about what the focus of our lives should be. By Rev Franklyn Graham [ Billy Graham's Son ]

Tuesday, December 29

Alfredo Pacheo a tainted soccer player from Salvadoran was shot dead at point blank range at gas station on Sunday. Alfredo held the highest number of appearances in the national team record however he was convicted of match fixing and was banned for life.
Alfredo, 33 was at a petrol station chatting with friends around 3:30 am on Sunday when an unknown assailant fired shots at point blank range, Alfredo was shot in abdomen which resulted in his death while other were seriously injured, the other victims were rushed to near by hospital in Santa Ana. The police are investigating the matter and have attributed to gang wars in the region.
He played for El Salvador national side and New York Red Bulls from 2009 in US, He was banned for life after being convicted in 2013 for match fixing.
El Salvador has the highest number of murders recorded in a day with 17 deaths reported by police. According to U.N. Report last year El Salvador ranked at the top with highest murder rate.

Sunday, December 27

First Nations health advocate Raven Thundersky dies of asbestos-related cancer

WINNIPEG—A Manitoba advocate for people who suffered from illnesses linked to vermiculite insulation has died of a cancer closely associated with asbestos, her daughter says.
Raven ThunderSky grew up in a home on Poplar River First Nation with asbestos-laced insulation and lost several family members to related illnesses.
Her daughter, Raven-Dominique Gobeil, says ThunderSky died on Christmas Eve of mesothelioma at the age of 50.
In 2008, ThunderSky said she wrote then-prime minister Stephen Harper asking for a public inquiry into Zonolite, the insulation that was frequently made from Montana-mined vermiculate and found to contain naturally occurring asbestos.
ThunderSky was also critical when a settlement was offered in a class-action lawsuit against the American company that made Zonolite, saying the amount wouldn’t begin to cover the costs of removing the insulation from homes.

Saturday, December 26


The set of the new Resident Evil movie has seemingly become an incredibly dangerous place to work. Only a couple months after a stuntwoman was in aterrible accident that left her in a coma, another crew member, who had nothing to do with stunts, died after sustaining an injury on the set. What’s worse, is that this accident happened nearly a month ago but the news is only now coming out.

Ricardo Cornelius was a crew member on the film’s shoot in South Africa when he was standing near a Humvee that was located on a rotating platform. Apparently, the Humvee was not properly secured and it slid off the platform. According to Deadline, when this happened it pinned Cornelius against a wall and crushed him. The crew member was rushed to the hospital and placed on life support, but he passed away a few hours later.

The curious thing is that this terrible accident apparently occurred on December 3rd, but has only come to light in the last day. There has been no public comment by the studio, director Paul W.S. Anderson, or anybody else involved in the production. At the very least you would expect a comment offering condolences to the man’s family. The complete silence is deafening. It’s understandable that from a business perspective nobody wants to make a big deal out of the tragedy, but by not saying anything at all it gives the impression that nobody cares.

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Wednesday, December 23

Kenneth Jay Rhode , Suspect in throat-slitting dies after jail inmate attack

A Phoenix man arrested Monday after police said he slit a woman's throat and sexually assaulted her died after being attacked by an inmate in the Fourth Avenue Jail, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday.
Kenneth Jay Rhodes, 71, was assaulted by an inmate about noon Tuesday in a housing unit of the jail, the Sheriff's Office statement said. Paramedics took him to St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, where he was pronounced dead at 1:36 p.m.
The Sheriff's Office has a suspect but has declined to identify him during the investigation, the release said.
Rhodes was arrested at his home early Monday morning after police responded to separate assault and domestic-violence calls at his apartment near Missouri and 15th avenues, court records say.

Minnesota man Abdirizak Mohamed who wanted to join ISIS once worked as baggage handler at airport

Abdirizak Mohamed Warsame was appointed "emir," or leader of the local group, by Guled Ali Omar, who was planning to leave for Syria. He was the 10th young man from Minnesota's Somali community to be charged since April with terrorism-related counts.
We can only imagine what a man, who had such access to planes and further information could have done. A greater concern is the intel about security procedures that has already been shared with his affiliates.
This is one of the reasons why we launched our ‪#‎OpenEyesSaveLives‬campaign. Learn more:…/open-eyes-save-lives-campaign

How do I Forgive Myself ? : Kenneth Copeland Quotes About Forgiving Yourself

Do you struggle with forgiving yourself of your past sins? Well, what better time for you to receive the gift of ‘supernatural forgetfulness’ than this Christmas? Whether the sins were committed as recently as five minutes ago, or as long as five decades ago, the blood of Jesus has covered them. AND… there is a way you can supernaturally forget the sins once you confess them to God and repent! Learn more in this article by Kenneth.

Merry Christmas Banned : Somalia and Brunei ban Christmas celebrations

Somalia has issued a ban on Christmas celebrations in the Muslim-majority country after the Southeast Asian sultanate of Brunei announced a similar prohibition earlier this month with the threat of five years in jail.
Sheikh Mohamed Khayrow, director general of Somalia's religious affairs ministry, said on Tuesday that Christmas and New Year celebrations threatened the country's Muslim faith.
"There should be no activity at all," he told reporters, adding security forces had been ordered to break up any such festivities.
"All events related to Christmas and New Year celebrations are contrary to Islamic culture, which could damage the faith of the Muslim community."
Sheikh Nur Barud Gurhan, of the Supreme Religious Council of Somalia, also warned against celebrations, saying they could provoke al-Shabab "to carry out attacks".

Rayani Air : Malaysia launches its first shariah-compliant airline

Malaysia launched the maiden voyage of its first shariah -compliant airline Sunday.
Rayani Air took off from the capital Kuala Lumpur to the resort island of Langkawi.
“We are the first Malaysian airline to be shariah-compliant based on guidelines by relevant authorities," the company's managing director Jaafar Zamhari told Malaysia’s Star newspaper. We are proud of this.”
In accordance to Islamic guidelines, in-flight meals are halal-- meaning that animals must be slaughtered according to Islamic procedures and contain no pork-- and alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited. Female Muslim flight crew are required to wear headscarves while non-Muslim crew are to be decently dressed, managing director Jaafar Zamhari told reporters.
There will also be prayer recitals on the plane before take-off.
There are already other shariah-friendly carriers operating around the world. Emirates doesn’t serve any pork products on their flights and Etihad has a travel prayer before takeoff.  And the U.K.-based Firnas Airways is planning to offer similar flights next year, according to a Bloomberg news agency report.

Malaysia has a moderate Muslim-majority population, but conservative attitudes are rising.

Evangelist Franklin Graham slams, quits Republican Party

Evangelist Franklin Graham announced Tuesday he is leaving the Republican Party over the GOP-led spending bill passed last week, calling it “wasteful” and likening funding of Planned Parenthood to Nazi concentration camps.
“Shame on the Republicans and the Democrats for passing such a wasteful spending bill last week,” he said.  “And to top it off, funding Planned Parenthood!”
Graham, who had previously slammed both political parties, let his frustration flow on a Facebook posting.
“Seeing and hearing Planned Parenthood talk nonchalantly about selling baby parts from aborted fetuses with utter disregard for human life is reminiscent of Joseph Mengele and the Nazi concentration camps!,” he wrote. “That should’ve been all that was needed to turn off the faucet for their funding. Nothing was done to trim this 2,000 page, $1.1 trillion budget.”
Graham, who has supported GOP White House hopeful Donald Trump as well as embraced his controversial call to ban Muslims from the U.S., said he’s lost faith in the political system.

Photos : Kenneth & Gloria Copeland family Christmas Celebration.

We thought you would enjoy these pictures taken last night from the Copeland family Christmas celebration. Surrounded by their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, Kenneth and Gloria are truly blessed! We pray that you are also surrounded by the love of Christ and those you love this Christmas. 

Merry Christmas from KCM!! heart emoticon

Tuesday, December 22

Baby Jesus, "Merry Christmas" banner removed from South Texas Veterans Health Care System

A manger and a banner reading “Merry Christmas” were removed from a public area of a VA hospital in Texas after someone complained about “overly religious and offensive” decorations.
“They ruined our decorations,” Vietnam veteran Ethel Holloway told television station KENS. “They threw them out.”

Holloway said she had been putting up decorations at the Audi Murphy VA Hospital for 33 years – without any problems. This year, her yuletide banner turned out to be problematic.
“They literally took pieces from the middle of a whole train set, because the middle said ‘Merry Christmas,’” helper Grace Martinez told the television station.
The South Texas Veterans Health Care System admits they removed not only Holloway’s “Merry Christmas” banner, but also a manger along with a “specific scripture decoration.”.

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An Iranian pastor has been released early from prison, just six months after he failed to appeal a sentence to an extra year in jail and 74 lashes for allegedly possessing two litres of alcohol in his prison cell.
Farshid Fathi was serving a six-year prison sentence – extended to seven years – for “action against the regime’s security, being in contact with foreign organisations, and religious propaganda”. Due to be released in Dec. 2017, he was then told by prison officials in early July that he would be released this year – at that time they said on 10 Dec.

He was originally arrested on 26 Dec. 2010 at the same time as around 60 other Christians, many belonging to house churches in Tehran and other cities. Most of those have now been released.

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Knoxville Pastor Rev. Dr. Valentino McNeal refuses to leave after members say they voted him out of church

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Christmas is a time when most churches are coming together for the holidays. However, there seems to be a clear divide at Mount Olive Baptist every Sunday.
Members said their pastor was voted out of their church, located at 1601 Dandridge Avenue, back in May. But Pastor Rev. Dr. Valentino McNeal said it wasn’t an official vote.

In accordance with Mount Olive Baptist Church constitution, the church only needs 12 signatures to have a meeting to discontinue the service of their pastor. Theotis Robinson Junior, a 23-year member of the church, said members voted 86-5 to discontinue Pastor McNeal.
Robinson said the police are called during Sunday services. He also said accountability of funds for the church is a huge problem.

“He’s dictatorial. On his own, he decided to remove four members of the deacon board because he didn’t feel they were loyal enough to him,” said Robinson. “He’s removed people from the trustee board and fired employees without cause.”
Rev. Dr. McNeal said that is not the case.
“There’s not one person in this church that we had to dismiss from a particular role that adhered to those leadership requirements,” he said.

McNeal said he is shocked by the actions of certain people at Mount Olive Baptist Church.
“They’ve made church a country club. They think because they put a dollar in the plate they can do everything they want to in the church without discipline,” he said. “Our religion becomes radicalized when it gets to this magnitude where we have no respect for God.”
Moving forward, McNeal hopes things get back on the right track.
“God placed me here as their pastor, and I’m going to serve them,” he said.
The Knoxville Police Department said they are watching security at the church. In the meantime, a court case is pending to determine property rights of the church.


Sunday, December 20

Student Dies After Being Found Unresponsive at Pi Kappa Phi fraternity

Berkeley police are investigating the death of a young man in his early 20s who was found unresponsive near the UC Berkeley campus early Saturday.
Police and fire were dispatched to the 2900 block of Channing Way just before 7:30 a.m., Berkeley Police Officer Jennifer Coats said in a statement. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene, she said.
Bay Area television station KTVU reported that the young man was a 23-year-old student who was found at the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity house.

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Saturday, December 19

Millry Pastor Tommy Joe Newberry charged with sex abuse of young boys

A Washington County pastor has been arrested on child sex abuse charges
Washington County Sheriff Richard Stringer told FOX10 News Tommy Joe Newberry was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon.  
Sheriff Stringer said Newberry was placed under a $36,000 bond Friday.  
Investigators say Newberry, who is the pastor of the Red Creek Church of God in Buckatunna, Mississippi, is facing several charges of sexual abuse, sodomy and sexual enticement of a child.  
Sheriff Stringer said complaints had been filed against the pastor three years ago, but investigators weren't able to collect enough evidence to make an arrest. 
Stringer said this time around, several victims have come forward with shocking stories about Newberry. 

"Recently within the last few weeks, we reopened the case, we started doing more investigating, and that was due to one of the victims coming in, talking with us, saying that he had been having a real problem for the last few months about what had happened to him, a few years back with this pastor," said Stringer. 
The victims, say investigators, were allegedly all males ranging in age from 11 to 15 years of age.  

Darlington Pastor Kamron Eugene Reames jailed on charges of sex crimes against a child

A Darlington youth minister has been jailed on accusations he touched a young boy inappropriately on multiple occasions, according to the Darlington City Police.
Police Chief Daniel Watson confirms Kamron Eugene Reames, of Georgiana Lane in Darlington, was arrested Thursday on two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a minor.
On Friday, a judge granted bond both a $20,000 in cash and a $50,000 surety bond for Reames.
However, his family and police say they are concerned for his mental state.
Authorities say he was showing signs of suicidal tendencies and the judge recommended the family not to post bond.

Michael Moore Donald Trump : Protests Outside Trump Tower: 'We Are All Muslim'

Michael Moore stood outside New York’s famous Trump Tower yesterday in protest of its namesake’s recent controversial comments regarding Muslims.
His message to Donald Trump? “We are all Muslim.” 
The liberal Michigan filmmaker explained why he was calling out the GOP presidential front-runner in a letter posted on his website.
Moore begins the post by recounting their first meeting in November 1998 backstage at a talk show, during which he says he left thinking, “‘What a wuss.’”
Here’s an excerpt of his open letter to Trump:
“Here we are in 2015 and, like many other angry white guys, you are frightened by a bogeyman who is out to get you. That bogeyman, in your mind, are all Muslims. Not just the ones who have killed, but ALL MUSLIMS.
Fortunately, Donald, you and your supporters no longer look like what America actually is today. We are not a country of angry white guys. Here's a statistic that is going to make your hair spin: Eighty-one percent of the electorate who will pick the president next year are either female, people of color, or young people between the ages of 18 and 35. In other words, not you. And not the people who want you leading their country.
So, in desperation and insanity, you call for a ban on all Muslims entering this country. I was raised to believe that we are all each other's brother and sister, regardless of race, creed or color. That means if you want to ban Muslims, you are first going to have to ban me. And everyone else.
We are all Muslim.”
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Virginia schools shut down over Islam homework at Riverheads High School , Staunton

Schools in the entire county of Augusta, Virginia, are closed today over a homework assignment. Students were asked to copy the Islamic statement of faith, the shahada, written in Arabic. It translated to: “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is the messenger of Allah.” 

This is outrageous! The parents did the right thing in strongly voicing their concerns, and I agree with them! Even if the assignment came from a textbook, the motives need to be questioned. There are lots of ways to “practice calligraphy” without declaring “there is no god but Allah.” It’s obvious the publishers of this curriculum are subtly trying to indoctrinate our youth to Islam—and school boards need to be more careful about which publishers they use and which books they buy. 

This teacher was entrusted with the safeguarding of these children and should have had enough common sense to put the brakes on this assignment.

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Wednesday, December 16

Former K-State Athletic Director Bob Krause dies

Kansas State is mourning the passing of a man who saw the university grow in boundless ways during his nearly 25 years there.
Bob Krause, K-State's longtime Vice President for Institutional Advancement passed away at the age of 70. He also served as Athletics Director in his final year at K-State, he retired in 2009.
Krause placed the Bio-Research Institute, NBAF, The Colbert Hills Golf Course and the Salina and Olathe campuses into the K-State picture during his tenure.
Coach Bill Snyder calls Krause a dear friend of K-State and Manhattan.

Tuesday, December 15

Muslim Holy war Video : British Muslim says Islam will destroy Britain and America

British Muslim says Islam will destroy Britain.. this is Britain.. it has already started in Australia..

Pastor William C. Pounds of Perry's Kings Chapel Memorial CME Church indicted in fiancée's death

Bibb County grand jurors indicted a Houston County pastor Tuesday on allegations he fatally shot his fiancée in June despite authorities' initial ruling that the death was a suicide.
William C. Pounds III, 47, is charged with malice murder, felony murder and aggravated assault in the death of 46-year-old Kendra Jackson at his townhouse off Macon's Stinsonville Road.
Pounds was arrested Aug. 21 after authorities deemed Jackson's death was suspicious. He was released Oct. 22 on $500,000 bond, according to jail records.
A bi-vocational minister, Pounds leads Perry's Kings Chapel Memorial CME Church while also working as a senior master sergeant assigned to the 116th Air Control Wing at Robins Air Force Base.
Family and church members packed a Bibb County courtroom for Pounds' bond hearing.
During the hearing, prosecutor Jonathan Adams asked character witnesses called to testify by Pounds' lawyers, if they were aware that Pounds was engaged to two women at one time or if they knew he'd been convicted for forgery and obstruction.
The witnesses replied that they were not aware of the allegations.
Franklin J. Hogue, one of two lawyers representing Pounds, has said his client maintains Jackson's death was a suicide.
Contacted Tuesday, Hogue said he looks forward to reviewing the evidence in the case.
"He will plead not guilty and there will be a trial," Hogue said.
Information from Telegraph archives was used in this report. To contact writer Amy Leigh Womack, call 744-4398 or find her on Twitter@awomackmacon.

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North Korea sentenced Canadian pastor Hyeon Soo Lim of Light Korean Presbyterian Church , Toronto to life in jail.

A Canadian pastor in North Korea was sentenced by a local court to life in jail for alleged crimes against the country. The life sentence for Hyeon Soo Lim was announced Wednesday by the North Korean Supreme Court, after a brief trial.
Lim, a pastor for the Light Korean Presbyterian Church in Toronto, travelled to the reclusive North on Jan. 31 to conduct a humanitarian mission, the Associated Press reported. He supports a nursing home, a nursery and an orphanage, and has taken over 100 trips to North Korea since 1997. Relatives of Lim have claimed that his trips were about helping people and not political.
However, a report in July cited Lim to say that he violated the country’s Ebola policy to enter the country illegally and has been involved in activities that could topple the country’s regime, run by Kim Jong Un.
According to North Korea’s state-run news agency KCNA, Lim, who was detained in February, said that his motive of the visit was to "overturn [North Korea's] social system by taking advantage of the hostile policy against it sought by the South Korean authorities and set up a base for building a religious state."

Marion County Jail Inmate Thomas Cook dies, suicide suspected

A 35-year-old Indianapolis man died in the hospital early Tuesday after being found unresponsive in his Marion County Jail cell Monday afternoon.
Officials said Thomas Cook was discovered by jail staff about 12:17 p.m. Monday. He was resuscitated and taken to Eskenazi Hospital for treatment.
He was pronounced dead in the hospital at 12:32 a.m. Tuesday. Cook's cause of death remains under investigation, but officials believe that the incident was a suicide.
No foul play is suspected. Additional information about the incident has not been released.
“Unfortunately, suicide is a serious risk in any jail," Marion County Sheriff John Layton said in a statement. "Our MCSO staff works tirelessly to ensure the safety of our inmates, and I am proud of their quick response in this instance."

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Gun Instructor Shoots California Pastor Tom Smith During Training Session

Tom Smith, a pastor at The House Modesto, attended a training session taught by Phillip Rushing on Dec. 5 at the Personal Protection Institute. Rushing spent the course with his training gun on his holster, but switched out the fake weapon for his real one toward the end of the class.
At one point a student asked the instructor to show the class how to defend against a knife attack. While Rushing was demonstrating, he drew his real gun and it discharged, according to the report.
Police have not charged Rushing but the case still could be forwarded to the district attorney’s office, the police spokeswoman told the publication.


Bible to be Banned by Arizona Book Banning and Burning Board

The Arizona Book Banning and Burning Board, a division of the Arizona Dept of Education, today outlawed any teaching of, or reference to, the Bible in its schools.  

The ABBBB found both "books" of the Bible: the Old Testament and the New, in  violation of Arizona’s HB2281 (aka the Ethnic Studies Bill) by being "totally biased in favor of the Jews" and teaching the "superiority of the Jewish race."

According to the Board the book’s claim that the Jews are God’s chosen people specifically violates three of the four main prohibitions of HB2281. The Bible is A. "designed primarily for readers of a particular ethnic group" B. it "advocates ethnic solidarity instead of treating people as individuals" and C. it promotes  "resentment towards a race or class of people" in fact dozens of them: the Egyptians whom it accuses of enslaving the Jews, the Babylonians, "hairy men," "scarlet" women, the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah the Medes, the Persians, worshippers of Baal, the Philistines, the Assyrians, the Samaritans, the Hittites, and 143 other  tribes.    

The Bible does not directly violate a fourth prohibition of HB2281 banning texts that promote the overthrow of the United States government, but the ABBBB noted it frequently urges the Jews to "throw off their chains" and "free themselves from captivity" in "contentious and abusive language similar to that of black and Latino empowerment figures like Frederick Douglass, Toni Morrison and Dora the Explorer."  

It further noted that the "hero" of the New Testament, Jesus Christ, talks about "overthrowing the law" saying "I come with a sword" and uses anti-family rhetoric by urging his followers to "leave your parents and follow me."  He advocates extra-marital sex  - "love your neighbor as yourself" - and incest: "I say unto you love your brother".  He also attacks members of the financial sector doing business in Jerusalem’s temple in a manner "worthy of the anti-American anti-capitalist rabble of Occupy Wall Street."

While HB2281 deals only with issues of ethnicity not sexual orientation, the Board were unanimous that Jesus’ sexual profile – he was close to his mother, his only female friend was a prostitute, and his twelve best friends were men – make him a unacceptable role-model for pupils of any grade.  

The Chairman of the ABBBB Lulyeta Q. Kukabrskomganivicy of Tombstone, stressed that despite the ban the Bible was still infallible about abortion, communism, gun control, pot, homosexuality and illegal immigration. 


Rick Joyner Prophecy for 2016 : Five Trends That Will Change The World in 2016

A geopolitical shift has taken place at the end of 2015 that could change the world more than we have seen since the collapse of the Iron Curtain. Core beliefs and values are being challenged across the globe. With such a major change of direction happening, where are we headed?
         The following are the five major events that will likely define our immediate future and impact world affairs for the foreseeable future. These are listed in the sequence they occurred, not necessarily the sequence of importance or impact:
1)   China stock market crashes
2)   Falling energy prices
3)   Russian military intervention into the Middle East
4)   Paris and San Bernardino terrorist attacks
5)   The Trump candidacy
         We will look at each of these for the message they have, but first we will briefly discuss the most basic change factor in world affairs—initiative. In military operations and world affairs, having the initiative is necessary for success. The one with the initiative can control the battle or geopolitical situation, requiring their opponent(s) to react to them rather than the other way around. Therefore, those with the initiative have a major advantage in the confrontation. For this reason, the most important factors to look for to discern the nature of events and where they are heading are:
1)   Who has the initiative
2)   What are their intentions or goals
3)   What are their resources and strategies for sustaining the initiative
     Now we’ll look at each of the five events having a major impact on the world and their potential consequences.

The China Stock Market Crash
         China’s economic growth has been a key factor impacting the world economy this century. Without it, the recovery after 9/11 or the crash of 2008 would have been more difficult, if not impossible. China is now one of the biggest economic forces in the world, rivaling the impact of both the U.S. and Europe.

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Fethullah Gulen Movement : Most Dangerous Islamist’ - Alive, Well, and Living in Pennsylvania

The most dangerous Islamist in the world is neither Afghani nor Arab. He comes from neither Sudan nor Somalia. And he resides in neither the mountains of Pakistan nor the deserts of the Palestinian territories. This individual has toppled the secular government of Turkey and established madrassahs throughout the world. His schools indoctrinate children in the tenets of radical Islam and prepare adolescents for the Islamization of the world. 
Muhammed Fethullah Gülen
More than 90 of these madrassahs have been established as charter schools throughout the United States. They are funded by American taxpayers. One of these charter schools – Tarek ibn Zayed Academy (TiZA) in Minnesota – is so radically Islamic and subversive in nature that the Minnesota Department of Education issued two citations against it and the American Civil Liberties Union is suing it. 
Dozens of his universities, including the Faith University in Istanbul, train young men to become lawyers, accountants, and political leaders so that they can take an active part in the restoration of the Ottoman Empire and the Islamization of the Western World. He also allegedly operates compounds to train jihadis in the tactics of guerilla warfare. This individual has amasssed a fortune – over $30 billion – for the creation of a universal caliphate.

Boston Court To Review Judge’s Order Forcing Pastor Daisy Obi To Learn Islam

BOSTON (AP) — After a landlord was convicted of pushing her Muslim tenant down a flight of stairs, a judge ordered her to respect the rights of all Muslims and to take an introductory course on Islam. Now the highest court in Massachusetts is being asked to decide whether the judge violated the landlord’s constitutional rights.
Pastor Obi

The Supreme Judicial Court will hear arguments next month in a case that poses interesting legal questions at a time when the country is grappling with anti-Muslim backlash following deadly attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California, both allegedly carried out by radical Muslims.

The case centers on Daisy Obi, a 73-year-old ordained minister from Nigeria who is the pastor of the Adonai Bible Center in Somerville, just north of Boston. In April 2012, Obi rented an apartment in her multi-family home to Gihan Suliman, her husband and five young children.

Suliman complained about the heat and electricity not always working, while Obi complained Suliman appeared to have 12 to 15 people living in the apartment at one point.
Suliman testified that about a month after she moved in, Obi stood on the stairs outside Suliman’s apartment screaming anti-Muslim insults.

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Video : Magic Johnson gives $5 Million Dollars to West Angeles Church of God in Christ

Magic Johnson gave 5 million dollars to West Angeles COGIC Church to help pay off the mortgage. Magic Johnson and Cookie Johnson have both been members of West Angeles COGIC since the late 80's.

Monday, December 14

Saying Merry Christmas is Worse than Murder: The Muslim View on Christmas

Bible Confidence : What Does Confidence Have to Do With Faith? By Kenneth Copeland

Have faith in God!
There’s no question about it, that’s one of the greatest keys to victory in every situation. When sickness attacks our bodies, faith in God opens the door for us to receive healing. When we face financial lack, faith in God paves the way for Him to meet all our needs according to His riches in glory.
But did you know we must have more than just faith in God to receive the fullness of His blessings?
We must also have confidence, or faith, toward God.
Faith in God and faith toward God are two different things. Faith in God involves trusting who He is, what He says and what He can do. Faith toward God includes another divine element: an unwavering confidence in our relationship with Him. When we have faith toward God, we are confident that He is not only able but willing—even eager—to do what we ask of Him because of the special place we have in His heart.
When we have faith toward God, we are so assured of His love for us we can walk into His throne room and relax in His presence. We can draw near to Him without the least bit of condemnation and without one iota of self-consciousness. We can bounce into His presence with a smile on our face, full of joy, and say, “Abba! Father! Let’s have a good time together, just You and me!”
Many believers can hardly imagine having that kind of fellowship with God. Even though they love Him, and know He loves them, somewhere lurking in their hearts is a fear that He is still a little bit mad at them. Lingering in the back of their minds is a sense of shame that makes them feel condemned in His presence. Because of their past sins and failures, they assume such an attitude is normal. They figure God expects, and perhaps even prefers, for them to feel that way.

Zimbabwean pastor Thomas Makoni hired assassins to murder his church members

A local assassin has confessed in court that a Pastor and the General Overseer of Gospel of the Kingdom Ministries in Chitungwiza, Harare, Zimbabwe, paid him to kill some of his church members because they knew his nefarious activities and were spreading rumours about him, reports MyZimbabwe.
The suspect, Talent Nyakunengwa, narrated in court the pastor, Thomas Makoni of Waterfalls, Harare, hired him to kill members from his church, accusing them of spreading falsehoods. Nyakunengwa added that he and Makoni were best friends and at times, they would commit robberies together.
“I know Makoni as my friend since 2002 and in June, he came to my house with Godfrey Sithole around midnight.
He gave me a task to kill and bomb his church members who had caused chaos in his church. He would visit me daily saying I was delaying, instructing me to kill Kudakwashe Elliot and Abraham Kabodo by assaulting them and leaving them for dead.
He wanted them to die a painful death. Makoni said he wanted them dead because they were causing chaos by telling people of his misdemeanors. He said Elliot was telling people who had been involved in an accident that it was due to his juju.
Makoni also instructed me to kill Mrs Chinhamo (Afra Nhanhanga) for financing Kudakwashe and Abraham so that they would withdraw from their church."
Nyakunengwa continued that he was supposed to deal with a person only identified as Wiseman who had been assisted byMrs Chinhamo to open a church next to that of Makoni and he was supposed to collect a Mazda Demio and the sum of $100 per head.
“Makoni knew that I was a person of violent disposition and we grew up together committing robberies.”
However, the pastor has denied the two counts of incitement to commit murder before Chitungwiza resident magistrate Mrs Renika Dzikiti and was remanded to January 7 next year for judgement.