How to Get a Miracle From God : Three Keys to a RIGHT NOW Miracle by Benny Hinn

Three Keys to a RIGHT NOW Miracle!
Dan Willis is Senior Pastor of Chicago’s Lighthouse Church of All Nations, one of America’s leading multicultural ministries with nearly 70 nationalities represented in its more than 4,000 members. Renowned as a TV host, author and musician, Dan’s teachings in the areas of healing, racial reconciliation and embracing a God-promised destiny has brought life-changing moments to audiences worldwide. Pastor Benny Hinn recently invited him to minister at a Monday Night Service in California, and the impact he had on those in attendance was profound. Dan’s message was on “Three Keys to a RIGHT NOW Miracle” and was based on the lessons he learned during an excruciatingly painful experience with his 14-year-old son’s decision to embrace a gang-related lifestyle on the streets of Chicago. The victory which came out of that heart-rending period will thrill you at the faithfulness and power of God and give you hope for whatever situation you’re facing in your own life and family. Prepare to be encouraged and empowered as you watch today’s program!

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