Russia destroys 1,600 ISIS targets in JUST one month – and now US commandos join fight

Moscow today revealed it had hit an astonishing 1,623 jihadi targets, including military camps, command points and communication hubs since raids began a month ago.
With ISIS heavily depleted by the relentless bombing, Washington today revealed a number of special operations commandos are about to be sent into Syria.
Around 50 are to be deployed in the country.
But the US maintaining there will be no boots on the ground in Syria White House spokesman Josh Earnest insists the elite fighters will be there to “train, advise and assist”.
He said it would be an expansion of the US strategy in Syria.
Mr Earnest acknowledged the forces would be in a dangerous situation in a part of the world where the US is also conducting airstrikes.
He said: “There’s no denying the serious risk they will be facing but they are not in a combat mission.”
The move follows the US announcing it was reassessing its strategy in Syria following the devastation wrecked on ISIS by Russia. 
ISIS has been heavily hit by Russian airstrikes with 1,600 targets destroyed
One senior Washington official said that a first group of commandos – possibly a couple of dozen – will go relatively soon to assess the situation and determine which Syrian groups US can best work with, including moderate Kurdish and Arab fighters. 
More special operations forces would follow once they have decided what the needs are. 
In Moscow today, the Russian general staff gave its rundown of facilities in Syria that Moscow has destroyed in the past month of Russian airstrikes. The statement said 1,623 targets were hit.
Putin and SarkozyGETTY

Vladimir Putin meeting former French president Nicholas Sarkozy today

Syrian rebels against president Bashar al-Assad were also targeted today with 57 killed in missile attacks on Douma, a suburb in the capital Damascus.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) and the Local Coordination Committees group said government forces fired more than 11 missiles at a market. 
Dozens more were wounded in the mid-morning attack. 
The Syrian National Council, the main Western-backed opposition group in exile, blamed Russian airstrikes for the “massacre” in Douma. 
Sergei Lavrov, John Kerry and Staffan de Mistura in ViennaGETTY

Sergei Lavrov, John Kerry and Staffan de Mistura in Vienna

However, Moscow insists ISIS is the main target for attacks in Syria. 
In Vienna today the United States, Russia and more than a dozen other nations have directed the United Nations (UN) to begin a new diplomatic process with Syria’s government and opposition with the goal of reaching a nationwide cease-fire and political transition.
US Secretary of State John Kerry made the announcement at a joint news conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the UN envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura.
Mr Kerry made no declarations about the future of Syrian President Assad. 
He said the UN-led process should lead to a new constitution for Syria and internationally supervised elections.


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