Wednesday, October 7

Police arrest man who posed as Mormon 'pastor' to cash check

Authorities say a Philadelphia man has been arrested on charges that he posed as a Mormon "pastor" to cash a refund check intended for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Federal prosecutors say 52-year-old Mark Postell was arrested Sunday and charged with wire fraud. They allege that he somehow obtained a check for more than $183,000 that a utility mailed to an address associated with a Mormon temple under construction.
Prosecutors allege that Postell took the check to a check-cashing business April 28 and deposited the funds using a fake ID listing the church's address as his own and presented himself as the "pastor" a position that the Mormon faith doesn't have.
The owner of the check cashing store believed Postell, police say, and deposited the refund. Postell allegedly returned to the store and picked up $183,698.82 in cash.

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