Wednesday, October 21


If we can learn to love these people then we'll be doing better than 99% of the population. They make it tough, but remember that if God closed their eyes, then we really can't expect them to see the problem. Also they took on another spirit when they accepted another gospel, so it's kinda unclear just how much of it they're actually at fault for, they're all being influenced by something seriously evil.
I've always said that I actually felt sorry for Muhammad, because he tried to tell them that his first revelation was demonic, it was his wife and her cousin that convinced him that it was from god. I'm pretty sure that Satan would have very little trouble in fooling him, so that had to be real God given discernment.
Eventually it possessed him completely, his behavior after that changed dramatically. By the time he placed the black stone in the corner of the Kaaba, it was clearly Satan talking through him. He delivered the kiss of the black stone betraying them just as he did with Judas kissing Jesus. It was meant for us to connect those two stories, if you study them that becomes clearly obvious...
As horrifying as some of these acts are, how would you like to play host to the evil behind it? God told us plainly that "our battle is not with flesh and blood" that's not to say that some of this isn't their fault, it just isn't our job to decide, only he knows how much of this flesh is responsible for. If you try to reach one pray first and ask God to lift the curse so they can see. If you can get them to ask then that's even better...
To this day when they say "Islam is the religion of peace" they really do believe that. They'll look at you like you're crazy if you say otherwise, it's just shocking what they're blind to.. When they take you out, remember to go out praying for them, your Lord left you with that tip..
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