Thursday, October 8

Petaluma Christian Church celebrates 150 years

It’s said a church is built with more than just wood and nails. It’s built with people who are tied together through faith, love and a sense of community. That bond has stood the test of time for Petaluma Christian Church, which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year.
Founded in 1865, Petaluma Christian Church currently rests on an ample, picturesque plot of land at 1160 Schuman Lane, but the original structure was located at “five corners” at 407 Western Ave. in a building now known as the Polly Hannah Klaas Performing Arts Center.
“The church started long before they purchased the land at five corners,” said 38-year-PCC member Faith Ross. “The story goes that there was a minister who had come through town and the church started meeting in homes and such in 1865. They bought the land and the building on it at five corners in 1884 for $1 from J.H. Benson. They think the original building was a roadhouse of some kind.”
The church moved into the building and later hired Berkeley architect Francis W. Reid to renovate it and incorporate parts of the old building into the design. The church was finished and dedicated in 1910, but went through several changes and some remodeling in the years to come.

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