Pastor Roy Montes Beaten of Lucero Del Norte Community Church During Home Invasion

A Rio Grande Valley pastor is out of the hospital. He was beaten during a home invasion. He said he forgives the men who attacked him and his wife on Sunday morning.
Roy Montes said he was getting ready for his Sunday morning outreach. “I’m just a little achy, but thank God that I’m alive and my wife is alive,” he said.
A group of men broke into his Harlingen home on the 1100 block of East Williamson. Police said four to five men attacked the couple between 7 and 8 a.m.
“It’s still unreal, it seems so unreal, but it truly happened. It truly happened,” Cristela Montes said.
Montes was pistol whipped and beaten. His wife was tied to a bed, held at gunpoint. Police said five men were demanding money and threatening death for it. It all happened as the couple prepared for their Sunday morning routine, serving a Mercedes colonia.
Montes is a pastor at Lucero Del Norte Community Church. He hands out food, children’s books and hope. “That’s why we really focus on the colonia are the children, because those are the ones, their self-esteem is so low,” he said.
He usually works with families and children. His mission these days is to reach those five men. When asked if he forgave them, he said he did. “Definitely. Yes, I have nothing against them,” he answered.
He isn’t the typical pastor, he too has made mistakes. Montes began his outreach work in 2006, after he was released from prison. He spent 17 years behind bars on drug charges.


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