Saturday, October 10

Obituary :John Stone-Hoskins, The Man who forced same-sex death certificate change dies at 37

John Stone-Hoskins, whose legal fight to amend his late husband’s death certificate resulted in new state guidelines on birth and death certificates for same-sex couples, has himself died at 37.
Stone-Hoskins died overnight in his Conroe home after a battle with cancer, said his lawyer, San Antonio-based Neel Lane.
“Before he died, his marriage to his late husband was afforded the dignity of the law,” Lane said.
Stone-Hoskins was a former police officer and volunteer firefighter, Lane said. He and his husband, James, had been together for 10 years and married last year in New Mexico. James Stone-Hoskins died in January and was listed as single on his death certificate.
After the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, John Stone-Hoskins filed to amend the certificate to list himself as James Stone-Hoskins’ surviving spouse, but the state refused to make the change.

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