Saturday, October 10

Obituary : Frederick W. Leonhardt Prominent Orlando lawyer, GOP fundraiser dies at 65

Frederick W. Leonhardt often took young lawyers at the GrayRobinson law firm under his wing, helping them when they encountered problems and showering them with compliments when they did well.
"This is what made him such a wonderful father and mentor figure to so many people," said Derek Bruce, who worked at GrayRobinson from 1998 to 2006. "When you were not doing well or not feeling well, he dealt with you very directly and very compassionately. But when there was something you did that was praiseworthy, he made sure you got the credit and got the kudos for what you did."
Leonhardt, a prominent Orlando attorney, lobbyist, and Republican fund-raiser, died of an apparent heart attack Saturday morning, according to a statement from the GrayRobinson law firm. He was 65.
Leonhardt was a shareholder at GrayRobinson, and focused his practice on government relations.

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