Saturday, October 10

Obituary : Former UK Treasury head Geoffrey Howe dies

Former British Treasury chief Geoffrey Howe, a longtime senior figure in the Conservative Party, has died aged 88.
Howe died suddenly of a suspected heart attack late on Friday at his home in Warwickshire, north of London, his family said on Saturday.
Prime Minister David Cameron called Howe 'the quiet hero of the first Thatcher government,' praising him as a 'kind, gentle and deeply thoughtful man' who nonetheless had 'huge courage and resolve.'
He singled out Howe's action to lift exchange controls as a crucial move that helped save Britain's economy.
'(Howe) was vital in turning the fortunes of our country around, cutting borrowing, lowering tax rates and conquering inflation,' Cameron said. 'Lifting exchange controls may seem obvious now, but it was revolutionary back then.'
Howe was Thatcher's longest-serving Cabinet minister but also helped to end her time in office with a critical speech in 1990 as he was resigning from Parliament after a series of policy disagreements with the prime minister.
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