Sunday, October 11

Masjid umar timetable : Protesters gather to hold anti-Islam rally outside Phoenix mosque

About 200 protesters crowded in front of an Arizona mosque Saturday afternoon to demonstrate against Islam as part of a nationwide campaign that went largely unheeded.
KTAR radio reports that the protesters in Phoenix held a rally in front of the Islamic Community Center. The rally appeared to be most significant size in the country after a call for protests against Islam in America this weekend.
KSAZ reports 19 other cities held protests organized by the “Global Rally for Humanity” group against radical Islam. Many Muslim protesters showed up as well to give their community a voice.
“They're trying to say that the whole religion, or all of the Muslims are just like the violent extremists," said Sumayyah Dawud, who is Muslim.
Usama Shami, president of the Islamic Community Center said, rally organizers are displaying their bigotry.
Rally organizer John Ritzheimer said he’s not against Muslims, but he’s against what he calls their ideology. He led a rally at the mosque in May after two former congregants were killed when they attacked an anti-Islam event in Texas.

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