Wednesday, October 7

ISIS Converts Famous Chaldean Church of St. Joseph to Mosque

ISIS Converts Famous Church to Mosque
The Islamic State recently transformed Mosul’s once famous Chaldean Church of St. Joseph into a mosque. The building, which held historical significance for Christians in Iraq, has now been robbed of all its crosses and Christian symbolism, and its dome has been painted black. Since ISIS took control of the city of Mosul in June 2014, many Christians have been forced to flee in search of safety. Overnight, more than 500,000 fled the city and, since then, the total number of displaced Iraqis has reached 3 million. Unfortunately, this has left ISIS mili¬tants to have their way with Christian places of worship. While some of these historic sites have been demolished, others have been renovated for Muslim worship. To read more about how ICC is helping persecuted Christians in Iraq, download our free October newsletter:
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