Monday, October 12

Ex-Kansas football player Eric Galbreath returns to Lawrence as pastor

LAWRENCE — When Jason Thoren thinks of his old University of Kansas football teammate, Eric Galbreath, he recalls watching the fullback plow through Texas Christian University players during a game in the mid-1990s.
“He ran through like six tacklers against TCU one night, and it was really impressive,” Thoren told the Lawrence Journal-World. “And I remember watching that live and him going down the sideline and how great of a run that was.”
The old teammates haven’t seen each other in nearly two decades. And until recently, Thoren said, he was unaware that Galbreath had returned to Lawrence and taken the pulpit at Ninth Street Missionary Baptist Church.
Although Thoren said he didn’t know Galbreath was coming back to town, learning his old friend is a pastor didn’t quite catch him off guard.

Vocation not a surprise

“It doesn’t really surprise me at all,” he said. “He was always very into religion as a player, and the way he always treated people. He always treated people very well. He was always a good person who would figure out a way to help people in life. I think it’s a perfect fit.”
Galbreath, 40, said Thoren might not have been the only one who could have predicted his career in the church.

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