Friday, October 16

Bishop Simolwana Pakamile of Cape Town S.A gunned down after service

Cape Town - Hours after conducting a prayer service for a relative, an Evangelist Church Bishop and his brother-in-law, a pastor, were gunned down in their home in Victoria Mxenge in Philippi.
Bishop Simolwana Pakamile, 58, had just returned from a relative’s prayer service in Montana when he was attacked in his home. He was killed in front of his two daughters, while his brother-in-law, Macebo Mbeki, 45, was killed outside the house. Two men were arrested in connection with the murders.
Pakamile’s daughter, who could not be named, said the family was watching TV when they heard a knock at the door.
She said the suspects posed as friends of the family and claimed they were being attacked. “We refused to open for him, because we knew that he may not be the person who he was claiming to be. Our family friend had disappeared after being wanted by a group of people in Willowvale (kuGatyana) - he knew better than to come to our home.”
She said the men continued knocking and the bishop became anxious and called Mbeki for assistance.
“We heard my uncle’s car pull in and heard him asking what the men were looking for… they didn’t reply. We then heard my uncle shout that we should not open the door and then gun shots after that. We ran to the bedroom, but it was too late.”
The men had shot through the locks on the door and entered the house, searching for the family. They were found in the bedroom. “My father fought with them, pushing against the door so that they did not enter.”
The men overpowered Pakamile and shot him twice in both hands, fired at him again and hit him in the back, but the fatal wound was the gun shot through his head. The suspects wrapped the eldest daughter in a blanket and led her out of the house with them.
Police caught them as they left the house. The family said the attack was in retaliation to an incident that took place in Willowvale last year.
The man the two suspects claimed to be had murdered someone in a village in Willowvale. Since then all people linked to the man had been killed, according to the family. Five family members had been murdered in their homes in Cape Town and Willowvale, they said.
Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk said the two suspects, aged 28 and 32, were due to appear in court.

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