Tuesday, October 20

Alabama same-sex marriage ban :Probate Judges File Motions Against Same Sex Marriage Licenses

Some Alabama probate judges have now filed motions and memoranda with the Alabama Supreme Court on the issue of issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. They’re joining Liberty Counsel’s argument currently pending before that state’s highest court.
Mat Staver: Matt, just to give people a little bit of background to what’s going on here before we talk about the recent filings of the probate judges, this would be Judge Williams and also Judge Enslen. This case began when a federal district judge, down in the southern part of Alabama, said prior to the June 26 hearing, the ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States, that the marriage laws in Alabama, which were passed by a margin of, I think, 82%, were unconstitutional. As a result of that, some probate judges began issuing same sex marriage licenses that were not part of that case, in other parts of Alabama.

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