Pastor Dr. John Gibson of New Orleans commits suicide after being outed on infidelity web site

NEW ORLEANS – A local pastor recently committed suicide after hackers revealed that he was a customer of the infidelity web site Ashley Madison.

Dr. John Gibson was a well-respected and beloved seminary professor, husband and father when he took his life.

“He was a great man, a great man with struggles,” said his son Trey at a memorial service.

Many gathered to honor Dr. Gibson. His wife Christi said she found his body and the note he left behind.

“In his note he said that he has struggled with depression for four years and that he had been on the Ashley Madison web site and that he was so sorry,” she said.

Chrisi said she didn’t know about the Ashley Madison site, but she said her husband had struggled with depression and sexual addiction on and off for twenty years.

“John walked in so much darkness,” she said. “He had so much inner shame and he felt like he was the only one – and, if we can take our pain and give it a purpose by helping other people to not walk in that same shame… to know that they are not alone.”

Christi urges others who are suffering from addiction and depression to get help.

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