Pastor Kenneth Morgan of Oklahoma City Shoots At Burglary Suspect

A church pastor shot at an attempted robbery suspect, then attempted to hold him at gunpoint until police arrived at his church on Northeast 50th and M.L.K.

But, that suspect took off on foot when police showed up. And an unsuspecting homeowner found the man in his backyard.
News 9 talked to pastor Kenneth Morgan at his church. He said he was in his office getting ready for mid-week service when he heard something in the church’s dining area.
He was armed and ready when he went to go check it out. The pastor’s presence scared the suspect and he took off outside.
“The pastor held the burglar at gunpoint. He laid down in the grass, at some point then decided to run off as we were arriving,” said Lt. Michelle Holland, OCPD.
That’s when police say one shot was fired by Pastor Morgan at the suspect.
Then, the search was on for a man who somehow how made his way inside The Church of the Living God. Air One was in the air and dozens of officers were on the ground.

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“When I came home it was helicopters everywhere,” said nearby homeowner Clarence Thomas.


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