Kansas Royster Middle School removes Jesus picture after group complains

A Kansas public school has removed a picture of Jesus that hung in a hallway for decades after a complaint from a national church-state separation group,The Wichita Eagle reported.
Royster Middle School removed the print of Warner Sallman’s “Head of Christ” last Thursday, following a complaint from the national Freedom From Religion Foundation, Richard Profitt, the school superintendent, said Friday.
Proffitt, who is in his first year as Chanute superintendent, said the picture was taken down after the district’s lawyer advised that the school could not legally display it.
“Oh man, it’s getting bad.”
– Erika Semey
“Oh man, it’s getting bad,” said Erika Semey, who attended Royster 10 years ago. “That’s what’s wrong with this world. Not enough people have Christ in their lives.”
Ryan Jayne, a spokesman for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which is dedicated to the principle of separation of church and state, said it’s “wonderful” that the picture has been taken down so quickly.


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