By the Blood of Jesus, every pain in your body is destroyed in Jesus’ name!
The remaining months of this year is declared your season of signs and wonders!
Today marks the end of every misfortune in your life!
I decree your conquest over every form of sickness or disease! 
By the Blood of Jesus, you are made whole!
I decree total restoration in every aspect of your life!
Every weakness in your body is destroyed in the name of Jesus!
My God is changing your level supernaturally!
Be speedily and openly rewarded in Jesus’ name!
I declare you a highly favoured personality!
Every curse afflicting your life and family is destroyed in the mighty name of Jesus!
By the prophetic seal on my life, I decree every invisible barrier on your path cleared off in the name of Jesus!
I release you into the realm of endless divine supplies!
Be blessed in the name of Jesus!
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