Aliens from Mars : Alien hunters have found evidence of life on Mars in photos taken by Curiosity rover

nasa aliens 2015

For most of us Earthlings, the photos of Mars taken by the Curiosity rover reveal little more than a desolate red landscape inhabited mostly by rocks. Lots and lots of rocks.

But to the more, er, imaginative minds in our midst, these are no ordinary rocks. They’re signs of alien life on the planet next door.

For years, eagle-eyed conspiracy theorists have been trawling through the photos beamed back to Earth by NASA probes and “discovering” mysterious objects that they say proves the existence of extraterrestrial activity on Mars — a world where lizardsmermaids, traffic lightsjelly donuts and a statue of Barack Obama all apparently coexist in the dusty expanses of the red planet. In reality they’re probably all just weirdly shaped rocks, but why spoil the fun?
The latest arrival, as it were, is the sighting this week of a spaceship — or at least a spaceship-shaped rock — that UFO buffs believes crash-landed on Mars.

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