Monday, August 31

Aliens from Mars : Alien hunters have found evidence of life on Mars in photos taken by Curiosity rover

nasa aliens 2015
For most of us Earthlings, the photos of Mars taken by the Curiosity rover reveal little more than a desolate red landscape inhabited mostly by rocks. Lots and lots of rocks.
But to the more, er, imaginative minds in our midst, these are no ordinary rocks. They're signs of alien life on the planet next door.

For years, eagle-eyed conspiracy theorists have been trawling through the photos beamed back to Earth by NASA probes and "discovering" mysterious objects that they say proves the existence of extraterrestrial activity on Mars -- a world where lizardsmermaids, traffic lightsjelly donuts and a statue of Barack Obama all apparently coexist in the dusty expanses of the red planet. In reality they're probably all just weirdly shaped rocks, but why spoil the fun?
The latest arrival, as it were, is the sighting this week of a spaceship -- or at least a spaceship-shaped rock -- that UFO buffs believes crash-landed on Mars.

Sunday, August 30

Methodist church gay marriage : Texas Man Proposes to Another Man in ‘Church’

A Texas man recently proposed to his so-called boyfriend during the Sunday morning service at their “church” despite the United Methodist Church’s ban on same-sex “marriage.”
Trevor Harper, 36, recently posted a video of the event on YouTube to show that his congregation is accepting and approving of homosexuals.
Harper has been in a relationship with Davis Covin, 30, since 2006, and both have been attending the First United Methodist Church of Austin for the past two years.
Recently, both men were invited to share their “faith story” during the Sunday service, during which time Harper told those gathered that he was appreciative of the congregation’s approval of homosexual relationships.

Obituary : Bishop Phillip Davis of Nation’s Ford Community Church Charlotte dies of gunshot wound

The Union County Sheriff's Office says a prominent Charlotte minister was found dead in his Union County Home.
Bishop Phillip Davis, who served as the senior pastor at Nation’s Ford Community Church, was the victim of an accidental shooting, according to sources.
Around 1:10 p.m. Saturday, deputies responded to Waybridge Way in Weddington after Davis' wife, Cynthia, called 911. She said that she found her husband collapsed at his desk.
She reportedly tried to give her husband CPR at the directions of the 911 dispatcher, but was unsuccessful.
Detectives say there were no signs of foul play, and evidence confirms that it was an accidental death.
Earlier that morning, Davis invited his son to join him for a trip to the firing range, but was unable to join him. Deputies say it appears Davis was in the process of cleaning his pistol when it accidentally fired, fatally hitting him in the chest.
In recent weeks, Davis headed up several community conversations connected to the trial of Randall "Wes" Kerrick.
According to the churches website, Davis celebrated his 36th year of ministry this past week.

Saturday, August 29

Pastor William Carlson Pergerson, of Berrien Springs dies in plane crash

The pilot of a small plane has died after crashing at an airport in Battle Creek.
According to WOODTV, the pilot has been identified as 48-year-old William Carlson Pergerson, of Berrien Springs.
He was a pastor with the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Pergerson was the only one on the plane when it crash-landed Thursday night.
Authorities say Pergerson was having issues with the plane shortly after takeoff.
He tried to land twice. During the second attempt, he crashed into a grass field near one of the runways.
The plane then caught fire.
The NTSB is investigating the crash. 

Thursday, August 27

Pastor Vitaly Korchevsky bail set at $2 million in Brooklyn

A federal judge in Brooklyn, N.Y., set bail at $2 million Wednesday for Vitaly Korchevsky, the Delaware County pastor and money manager described by federal prosecutors as the "linchpin" of a global insider-trading scheme, after 80 of Korchevsky's supporters urged that he be allowed to remain free.
At a detention hearing, U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearie said he was persuaded to grant Korchevsky bail "given the faith that hundreds of people have put in him."
Korchevsky, 50, of Brookhaven, was one of nine people charged earlier this month by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn and Newark, N.J., in connection with an alleged alliance of hackers and traders who tapped corporate press releases before they became public and traded on the information.
Regulators said the conspiracy netted the group about $100 million. Korchevsky is alleged to have made $17 million.
"The defendant was the linchpin of a sprawling financial and hacking conspiracy that spread two continents and affected markets throughout the world," Brooklyn prosecutors said in a letter to Dearie on Tuesday. The crime has "shaken securities issuers" globally, they said.


Wednesday, August 26

Pastor Kenneth Morgan of Oklahoma City Shoots At Burglary Suspect

A church pastor shot at an attempted robbery suspect, then attempted to hold him at gunpoint until police arrived at his church on Northeast 50th and M.L.K.
But, that suspect took off on foot when police showed up. And an unsuspecting homeowner found the man in his backyard.
News 9 talked to pastor Kenneth Morgan at his church. He said he was in his office getting ready for mid-week service when he heard something in the church's dining area.
He was armed and ready when he went to go check it out. The pastor's presence scared the suspect and he took off outside.
“The pastor held the burglar at gunpoint. He laid down in the grass, at some point then decided to run off as we were arriving,” said Lt. Michelle Holland, OCPD.
That's when police say one shot was fired by Pastor Morgan at the suspect.
Then, the search was on for a man who somehow how made his way inside The Church of the Living God. Air One was in the air and dozens of officers were on the ground.

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“When I came home it was helicopters everywhere,” said nearby homeowner Clarence Thomas.

Tuesday, August 25

Former Cuyahoga Falls pastor Richard Boley is accused of stealing up to $40,000

BARBERTON, Ohio - A former Cuyahoga Falls pastor is accused of stealing up to $40,000 from a Barberton senior citizen and then using much of the cash to buy himself a luxury car.
Richard Boley, 67, is charged with theft from the elderly, a felony of the third degree.
Barberton Sgt. Brian Davis said Boley took advantage of the victim over the past year and intimidated her into giving up most of her life savings.
"Honestly, I was disgusted for somebody to put that much trust into somebody and then be taken advantage of. It was shocking," Davis said.
Boley was a former visiting pastor at Trinity Church of God in Cuyahoga Falls, where he first met the victim.
Sgt. Davis said Boley was fired from the church a few years ago but did not know the reason for the termination.

Former Pastor Jeffrey London sentenced to life for abusing teen

Former church youth pastor, charter school leader and unofficial foster parent Jeffrey London was sentenced to life in federal prison for using a cellphone to lure an underage boy into sexual activity with him. 
London received the maximum sentence, as prosecutors recommended.  London's defense argued he should have been sentenced to 15 years for the lone sex crime he has been convicted of committing.
London, 51, was acquitted of 27 state child sex abuse charges after a jury trial in state court in Broward in April 2014.

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Monday, August 24

Resort World Casino NYC bus crashes into building in Rego Park, several injured

REGO PARK, Queens — A bus crashed into a building at the intersection of Woodhaven Boulevard and 63rd Avenue.
A witness says the crash left a Resort World Casino NYC bus driver pinned inside and people were climbing out of the vehicle.
Numerous injuries were reported. EMS reported the bus driver is in critical condition.
People were seen climbing out of a crash involving a bus at the intersection of Woodhaven Boulevard and 63rd Avenue. (Google Maps)

Kansas Royster Middle School removes Jesus picture after group complains

A Kansas public school has removed a picture of Jesus that hung in a hallway for decades after a complaint from a national church-state separation group,The Wichita Eagle reported.
Royster Middle School removed the print of Warner Sallman’s “Head of Christ” last Thursday, following a complaint from the national Freedom From Religion Foundation, Richard Profitt, the school superintendent, said Friday.
Proffitt, who is in his first year as Chanute superintendent, said the picture was taken down after the district’s lawyer advised that the school could not legally display it.
“Oh man, it’s getting bad.”
- Erika Semey
“Oh man, it’s getting bad,” said Erika Semey, who attended Royster 10 years ago. “That’s what’s wrong with this world. Not enough people have Christ in their lives.”
Ryan Jayne, a spokesman for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which is dedicated to the principle of separation of church and state, said it’s “wonderful” that the picture has been taken down so quickly.

Americans Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Chris Norman received france Legion d'Honneur.

Well done Airman Stone!
RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, Germany -- A 65th Air Base Group Airman, along with two other friends traveling on personal leave, took immediate action to stop an attack and subdue an armed gunman on board a train in Northern France, Aug. 21, 2015.
Airman First Class Spencer Stone, 65th Air Base Group, Lajes Air Base, Azores, saw an emergency situation arise and took immediate action to subdue an armed gunman before he could engage his automatic weapon on the train.
"According to reports, after subduing the gunman Stone provided medical aid to a fellow traveler," said Col. Richard C. Sheffe, 65th Air Base Group commander. "These are the actions of a dedicated Airman who answered the call and did what was needed to be done and made a difference. We wish Airman Stone and all others a fast recovery and thank them for their actions."
Brig. Gen. Jon T. Thomas, 86th Airlift Wing commander, Ramstein Air Base, Germany, echoed Sheffe's comments.
"We are truly grateful for the quick reaction and response of Airman Stone and others who stopped this attack," said Thomas. "Incidents like these are why we commit to keeping Airmen across all units highly trained, alert and ready to answer their nation's call, anytime and anywhere. The 86th Airlift Wing is proud of our courageous 65th Air Base Group Airman and wish the injured a full and speedy recovery."
Stone is currently being treated in a French medical facility with non-life threatening injuries.
More information will be released as it becomes available.

Obituary : Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Mark Costello Killed in Dispute With Son, Police Say

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Authorities say Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Mark Costello has died after a stabbing at an Oklahoma City restaurant.
Oklahoma City Police Lt. Michelle Holland says officers were called to a fast-food restaurant on the city's northwest side after a stabbing was reported Sunday evening. She says the altercation started inside the building and spilled into the parking lot.
Holland said police were not immediately releasing the identity of the man who was killed, but State Medical Examiner's Office spokeswoman Amy Elliott confirmed Costello was the victim of the attack.
A spokeswoman for the Labor Department also confirmed Costello's death.
Holland says a suspect is in custody.
A successful businessman from Bartlesville, Costello ousted the incumbent Democrat during a Republican sweep of statewide offices in 2010. He easily won re-election in 2014.

Huge 920-pound gator captured in Lake Eufaula in Alabama

The huge alligator recently caught in Lake Eufaula in Alabama weighed in at a whopping 920 pounds.
It took six men to pull in and secure the 13-foot 6-inch alligator, according to
The reptile was caught by friends Scott Evans, Jeff and Justin Gregg on August 14. The gator was weighed at Dixon Lumber Co., reports.
The gator, which should produce about 250 pounds of meat, "won't go to waste," Evans told He is planning a Labor Day cookout.
"It was surreal, " Evans said. "We weren't expecting anything that big."
Apparently, the alligator got out of the first hook. Evans and his friends continued to follow it about another 75 yards and hooked it for the second time, the news organization reports.

Sunday, August 23

Pastor Hugh Mayes and his wife, Carol, of Carson, Virginia Stabbed Multiple Times by 'Grandson

Pastor Hugh Mayes and his wife, Carol, of Carson, Virginia, were found in their bed Monday, June 15, 2015, suffering from multiple stab wounds sustained in their bed while sleeping. The twosenior citizens were allegedly attacked by a man they'd helped.
A Virginia pastor and his wife who were stabbed multiple times while asleep in bed by a man the couple reportedly treated like a grandson, have made a full recovery and the pastor is back in the pulpit preaching at his church.
Shiloh Baptist Pastor Hugh Mayes and wife, Carol,were attacked in their sleep by 21-year-old MaximLloyd Chisholm, a troubled man they hadpreviously ministered to at their church and evenlet live with them for some time. After stabbing thecouple back in June, Chisholm made off with $800 and their blue Ford Escape.

Explosions at Sagami General Depot, a US army outpost in Kanagawa Prefecture

A series of explosions erupted early Monday morning, at Sagami General Depot, a US army outpost in Kanagawa Prefecture, on the outskirts of Tokyo.
More than ten fire trucks were dispatched to the site of the fire, but no general evacuation of nearby areas was called. 

The fire was fully extinguished after firefighters deployed at the base were joined by Japanese emergency responders, the city fire department said. Meanwhile US Army Japan voiced their appreciation for the services offered by the local fire department.

“The Army appreciates the quick reaction and support of our partners from the Sagamihara City emergency services,” the army statement read. 

Boston Police Arrest 2 Men Kevin Norton and James Stumbo for Threats Against Attendees of Pokémon World Championships

Keeping Boston Safe: Officers Arrest Two Suspects, Recover Two Firearms after BPD Notified of Online Threats to Pokemon World Championship
On Thursday, August 20, 2015, members of the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC) received information from private sector public safety personnel at the Hynes Convention Center at 900 Boylston Street in District D-4 (South End) regarding threats of violence made over social media to attendees of the Pokemon World Championships.
Security officers at the Hynes, officers in District D-4, and the BRIC immediately began investigation into these threats, and hours later, the two male suspects were stopped attempting to enter the event. BRIC and D-4 Detectives responded to further investigate. Detectives were informed that the suspects had driven to the event from Iowa and were in possession of several firearms in their vehicle. The suspects could not produce a License to Carry. Officers seized the vehicle, and the suspects were released pending a search warrant.
On Friday, August 21, 2015, detectives received and executed a search warrant for the suspect vehicle. Upon execution of the warrant, detectives recovered one 12-gauge Remington shotgun, one DPMS Model AR-15 rifle, several hundred rounds of ammunition, and a hunting knife. An arrest warrant was issued for the two suspects.
With the assistance of the Saugus Police Department, BPD detectives located and arrested the suspects at a Saugus hotel. Eighteen-year-old Kevin Norton and 27-year-old James Stumbo, both of Iowa, were arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and other firearm related charges. The suspects will be arraigned at Boston Municipal Court.
Said BPD Bureau of Intelligence and Analysis Commander Superintendent Paul Fitzgerald, "The relationship between police and private sector security is important in both our community policing philosophy, as well as our counter-terrorism strategy. This incident is a good example of private security reaching out to their local Boston police district and relaying information to detectives and BRIC analysts in order to identify the very real threat. The BPD detectives and collaborating agencies did a great job in the stop and prevention of a potential tragedy."
Boston Police Department (Official)'s photo.

Ancient temple of Baal Shamin : ISIS blows up 2,000-year-old UNESCO temple in Syria’s Palmyra

ISIS militants have destroyed the ruins of an ancient temple in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Palmyra in Syria, officials and activists said Sunday, in another incidence of the extremists desecrating relics from history in the name of religion.

Described by UNESCO as an “oasis in the Syrian desert,” the World Heritage site of Palmyra features spectacular ruins that were once a “great city that was one of the most important cultural centers of the ancient world.”

However, ISIS fighters seized the city ruins in May and set to work selling off some antiquities on the black market, while destroying other idols and sites that the group believes go against their version of Islam.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based monitoring group, said Sunday that the ruins of the Baalshemin temple were blown up by the extremists one month ago.

However, Syrian antiquities chief Maamoun Abdulkarim told Agence France-Presse the destruction occurred on Sunday.

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Denver International Airport Chick-Fil-A Lease Delayed Due to Its Same-Sex Marriage Stance

Denver city council members have stalled consideration of Chick-fil-A’s bid to open a restaurant at the Denver International Airport due to the company's stance against same-sex marriage.
Council member Paul Lopez said that having the restaurant chain at the airport is a "moral issue on the city," according to The Denver Post.
Wayne Laugesen, the editorial page editor for the Colorado Springs Gazette, pointed out on "Fox and Friends Weekend" that it has been three years since Chick-fil-A's president, Dan Cathy, said that the "biblical definition of the family unit" did not include same-sex marriage. Laugesen added that Cathy has since said he regrets inserting the company into political debates.
"Where does this lead?" Laugesen asked. "Does this lead to Christian city council members saying that they won't sign contracts and allow people to participate in the marketplace if they're atheists? Are we going to have Muslim council members saying that they don't want to allow Jewish CEOs to participate in the marketplace?"
"This is a very dangerous precedent. It is a blatant and flagrant violation of the First Amendment."

Lake Charles, Louisiana Senior Trooper Steven Vincent Critically Injured – Prayers Needed

**Trooper Critically Injured – Prayers Needed**
The entire LSP family is requesting your thoughts and prayers following the shooting of a Louisiana State Police Trooper in the Lake Charles area.
The incident occurred as the Trooper conducted a traffic stop on a suspected impaired driver and was shot during the course of the interaction. The suspect was subsequently detained by passing motorists as additional citizens rendered aid to the Trooper until assistance arrived on the scene.
Further information and the Trooper’s identity and status will be forthcoming as the investigation continues.
Please take a moment from your Sunday afternoon to send prayers and well wishes to the Trooper and his family in this critical time.
Thank you and God Bless,
Colonel Michael D. Edmonson

Saturday, August 22

Mississippi High School Marching Band Benched Over Christian Hymn

A Mississippi high school marching band's halftime performance was shut down by federal court order preventing them from performing "How Great Thou Art."
So during halftime - the football fans engaged in an act of civil disobedience.
The school district says they have no choice but to obey the federal judge - or else be fined $10,000.
If the district decides to defy the judge - I will personally pay the school's $10,000 fine. Please share!

Jimmy Carter to continue teaching sunday school class at Plains , GA Baptist church after cancer treatment

Jimmy Carter always goes home to Plains, Georgia. The tiny town he calls a "haven" was there when he got out of the Navy, when he left the governor's office and when he lost the 1980 presidential election.
So after telling the world that melanoma that had spread would force him to "dramatically" reduce his humanitarian work, the Nobel Peace Prize winner had only one place to go.
"No matter where we are in the world, we're always looking forward to getting home to Plains," he said at a press conference this week detailing his cancer diagnosis.
Within the tiny town, the Baptist church where Carter teaches Sunday School classes and he and wife Rosalynn are deacons has been at the heart of their life since returning to Georgia in 1981. On Sunday morning, Carter will teach his first lesson since detailing the intravenous drug doses and radiation treatment planned to treat melanoma found in his brain after surgery to remove a tumor from his liver.

Former St. Margaret Mary pastor Stephen Pohl arrested in Florida

Former St. Margaret Mary pastor Stephen Pohl is expected to be arraigned Saturday following his arrest Friday evening in Florida.
According to arrest documents, Pohl was booked into jail in Pinellas County just before 9 p.m. Friday on a charge of possession of child pornography.
Archbishop Joseph Kurtz said he learned of the investigation into Pohl on Aug. 12 and placed 
Kurtz said he accepted Pohl’s resignation on Thursday.
According to the Archdiocese of Louisville, federal investigators said child pornography was found on electronic devices belonging to Pohl.
“Father Pohl had numerous, up to 200, photos of St. Margaret Mary schoolchildren on his computer that were taken on parish grounds,” archdiocese Chief Administrative Officer Dr. Brian Reynolds said.
Reynolds said they were told the children were fully clothed, but authorities described some of these pictures as inappropriate. It's unclear what that means.
“They didn't describe those for me. I specifically asked whether this involved nudity and they said no,” Reynolds said.

Friday, August 21

Father William O'Toole of Indiana found naked at a school building

A northwest Indiana pastor will undergo a psychological evaluation after police found him wandering naked at a school building on Sunday, according to a statement from the Diocese of Gary.

Father William O'Toole, who was the pastor at St. Casimir and All Saints churches, both in Hammond, Ind., stepped down from his role at the two Catholic churches and will be on a leave of absence during the evaluation.

"Bishop Donald J. Hying was made aware of the event and begin taking the appropriate actions in accordance with our Safe Environment and diocesan policies," the statement said.

On Sunday, a neighbor near St. Casimir called police because they had seen a man wandering naked in the school building. Police arrived on the scene and found a school secretary in the office who did not know the pastor was in the building.

The police then found Father O'Toole, who was alone.

No children were present, the diocese said.

Police told diocese officials that no charges were filed.

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Obituary : Pastor Ty and Terri Schenzel of Waypoint Church in Omaha dies in a Car Crash

A widely known Omaha pastor and his wife died in a car crash in South Dakota Thursday.
Ty and Terri Schenzel were among four people killed in a collision along Interstate 90 about three miles east of Alexandria, South Dakota.
The South Dakota Highway Patrol says a pickup truck heading east in the westbound lanes of I-90 about 4:30 p.m. Thursday struck another vehicle head on, causing both vehicles to burst into flames.

The pickup truck driver, 75-year-old David Wise, of Salem, was killed.
According to a post on the Calvary Church Facebook page, the Schenzels were traveling with another couple: Ryan and Emily Hrubes. Ryan Hrubes was killed in the crash; Emily Hrubes had serious but non-life threatening injuries.
The Schenzels founded the Hope Center for Kids, and Ty Schenzel was an associate pastor at Waypoint Church in Omaha.
Facebook page has been set up to memorialize the couple; there will also be a gathering at Waypoint Church tonight at 6pm to remember them.
Calvary Church tweeted it will also be open for prayer from 5 to 8 p.m.
In a 2011 interview with KETV, Ty Schenzel described the mission of the Hope Center.
“Part of what Hope is doing is replacing the dinner table, where we’re modeling basic life skills you need to have to do well in school and in the workforce,” Schenzel said.
Ty Schenzel had worked as a youth pastor at Waypoint Church since Sept. 2013. He was also the president of Just Add Water Press Publishing Company.
The Hope Center for Kids opened in October of 1998.
Hope Center was formerly the Gene Eppley Boys Club in North Omaha. Ty Schenzel funded the project, and had seen it through the last 17 years.

The couple was well known in the Omaha and Fremont communities. Ty Schendel also started the Hope Center for Kids in Fremont, along with participating in the Teammates Program.
The Hope Center for Kids posted this statement on its Facebook page:
On behalf of all The Hope staff and Board Members, we take this time to share with you all that The Hope’s founders, Ty and Terri Schenzel, passed away last night in a car accident.
Ty and Terri Schenzel are beloved and integral members of The Hope Center for Kids family. They will be deeply missed.
We are saddened beyond belief by this news and our prayers are with their families and the families of the other couple involved Ryan and Emily Hrubes, as well as the driver of the other vehicle.
We along with their faith families and all those who have been touched by Ty and Terri Schenzel in Omaha, Fremont and around the world are mourning their loss.
The Hope Center for Kids will gather resources to provide counseling and support to the family, friends, staff and children at The Hope Center for Kids in Omaha and Fremont.
The Hope Center for Kids in North Omaha and Fremont will be holding program today as usual for the youth and children members.
We ask that the community allow us to work through our grief at this time. We’ll be able to provide more information as we work through this terrible news.
There will be a gathering to provide prayers and comfort to friends of the families at Waypoint Church, 1313 North 48th Ave. in Omaha at 6 p.m. today.
Friday, remembrances flowed through social media.
"Our hearts & prayers go out to the Schenzel family & the @HopeCenterNE family. Their eternal impact is a true blessing to our community!" the Omaha Street School tweeted.

 (Material from the Associated Press was used in this report.)

Thursday, August 20

Passion for Truth Ministries's Pastor Jim Staley get 7 years for $3.3M investment scheme

ST. LOUIS (AP) - A St. Louis-area pastor who admits bilking $3.3 million from at least 18 mostly elderly investors has been ordered to spend seven years in federal prison.
Forty-year-old Jim Staley of Wentzville apologized to victims in the courtroom's standing-room-only gallery during his sentencing hearing Wednesday in St. Louis. He pleaded guilty in April to four felony wire fraud counts.
Prosecutors say Staley was an insurance agent before forming a financial consultancy and turning to sales for California-based B&B Equity Group.
Though he wasn't a registered in Missouri to deal securities, he sold investments even after the Missouri secretary of state's office told him to stop in 2009.
Staley's attorney insists the fraud was unrelated to his clergy work. A prosecutor says some victims invested because he was a "nice religious man."

Police Fired Shots at Maple Grove Canton Baptist Temple, North Carolina

Shots were fired between officers and a gunman at a church in Canton, North Carolina, Wednesday afternoon. 

Deputies responded to the Maple Grove Baptist Church after a man called 911 dispatchers shortly after 3 p.m. to report he was holding hostages at the church. 

"It was kind of scary," Bill Miller, the assistant director of emergency management with Haywood County, tells PEOPLE. "He said he had hostages in the church and he was going to take actions against them and hung up. It was a very short and terse conversation." 

The man, who is described as a 40-year-old white male, fired shots at the officers when they arrived at the church. The officers returned gunfire and the man was shot outside the church. No one else was injured. 

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Monday, August 17

Area 51 secrets revealed : Aliens at area 51 with secret airline

Text "If you are not a conspiracy theorist you probably don’t know that “Janet” is said to stand for ‘Just Another Non-Existent Terminal’. Janet is a small fleet of passenger aircraft operated for the United States Air Force. It is primarily used to transport military and contractor employees to Area 51 from their terminal at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport."

Text "Here are 5 interesting facts about it: 5. Operated for US Air Force by AECOM It is operated for the USAF by infrastructure and defense contractor AECOM through the AECOM acquisition in 2014 of URS Corporation, which acquired EG&G Technical Services in 2002."

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Washington monument height 666 : Satanic Symbols In Washington D.C.

“…I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” —Revelation 2:9
what does the washington monument represent
The pentagon is an infinite occult symbol — it is the center of a pentagram and a pentagram fits perfectly inside a pentagon.
what does the washington monument symboliz
Obelisks  are phallic (penis) symbols related to the Egyptian Sun god, Ra. The 4 sides of the Washington Monument are aligned with the cardinal directions (i.e., east, west, north, and south). At the ground level each side of the monument measures 55.5 feet long, which is equal to 666 inches. The height of the obelisk is 555.5 feet, which is equal to 6,666 inches.

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Mysterious Booms : Massive Explosion in China: Do We Know The Full Story?

Late Wednesday night, a massive explosion ripped through the city of Tianjin in northern China, killing at least 50 people and injuring over 700 others. Tianjin is China’s largest harbor and a very important region for commerce. The explosions took place at a warehouse known to store dangerous, toxic chemicals. Videos of the event show several huge fireballs shooting up into the air.

chemical plant explosion
Reuters reports that firefighters attempting to fight the initial fire may have exacerbated the situation by spraying water.
“The warehouse, designed to house dangerous and toxic chemicals, was storing mainly ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate and calcium carbide at the time of the blasts, according to police. The official Xinhua news agency has said several containers in the warehouse caught fire before the explosions.

Breakthrough Ministries Rod Parsley : Today's Healing Confession

Heavenly Father, Your Spirit is residing in me at this very moment, and is making His home in my spirit. Your Spirit is healing me and is creating life - supplying life in my body and making it whole. The life of Jehovah-Rapha is being applied to my body by Your Spirit dwelling in me. Your life is driving out every trace of sickness and disease in my body. Thank you, Heavenly Father, that Your life is destroying disease and germs in my body right now!

Secrets of The Pyramids Ancient Aliens : The KGB Discovers Mummified Body of Ancient Alien

alien technology found in pyramid

In 1961, the KGB launched Project ISIS, a top-secret program designed to obtain alien technology. It culminated with the discovery of a 13,000 year-old alien body inside a tomb in the Giza Plateau in Egypt.
In the early years of the Cold War, Russian military officials feared the United States had gained a tactical advantage through reverse-engineering alien technology, presumably by studying UFOs such as the one that crashed near Roswell. Determined to possess advanced technology themselves, the Russians used their intelligence services to locate several places where extraterrestrial artifacts might be found.

Religious Freedom Under Attack : First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States is under serious attack

It would seem the majority of Americans do recognize that the freedom of religion and free exercise of religion as guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States is under serious attack.
But as I’ve said many times, the ultimate solution is not a political one but spiritual. Until people submit to the absolute authority of the Word of God and repent of rebellion against God and His Word, we will not see the change that is so needed in this culture. (Read my entire post here:…/majority-want-free-exercise…/)

Alien Bases on the Dark Side of the Moon : The Moon is an Artificial Alien Base

are there aliens on the dark side of the moon ?

Several strange phenomena have let some to believe that the eternal companion of the Earth, the Moon is in fact some sort of a huge spaceship. Crazy theory? Well heres why.
A curious video taken from a backyard telescope, which showed an alleged UFO fleet over the moon, caused a stir worldwide. This makes us wonder about what could possibly hide in that celestial body. Is it possible that there are civilizations living there if so what is their purpose? and what is its real origin of the moon?
Those who believe in the Alien Moon theory state that the moon had to be created by a highly developed civilization, much more than ours. Under this unusual logic, our artificial satellite would have to be hollow inside so that, within it, the aliens could place fuel for machinery, materials and accessories that would be used to repair working instruments, navigational instruments, observation equipment and all kinds of machinery, but most importantly, it could actually be used as a gigantic underground base or even as a giant spaceship.

Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana latest news : I Almost Committed Suicide After Converting To Islam

Sister to legendary pop icon and music artist, Michael Jackson last month was reported to be quitting the entertainment industry because of her new religion.
Janet Jackson Converts to Islam
Janet who is married to Quatari Muslim Billionaire Wissam Al Mana, disclosed that she almost committed suicide because of the restrictions and burden her new life and religion brought upon her, saying it was not an easy transformation. According to MTV News, she revealed that she has been deprived of almost everything in life, as she could not listen to music, drive a car, wear designer clothes only the “Black Abaya” and could not even move outside her residential home, in Doha as she was always surrounded by heavily armed security men.

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Strange Creature Found in The Persian Gulf : No One Knows What It Is

As science and technology continue to make leaps in discovery and invention, what was yesterday’s sci-fi will inevitably become tomorrow’s reality. And while you may hope that this reality will include all sorts of fun stuff like hover boards and flying cars, it’s turning out that some less-fun sci-fi stuff is becoming reality as well.
Because what a ship in the Persian Gulf discovered looks a heck of a lot like Godzilla.
Sailors in the Gulf came upon this massive piece of debris and went in closer to get a better look… only to see it wasn’t debris at all.

Hindu Temple Dubai : UAE allocates land for Abu Dhabi's first Hindu temple

The Indian government has lauded a decision by the United Arab Emirates to allocate land for the building of the first Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi.

Narendra Modi, India's prime minister, currently on a two-day trip to the UAE, said in a tweet on Sunday, that he was thankful to the UAE government, describing the move, "a great step".
There are currently two Hindu temples and one Sikh Gurudwara in Dubai, but none in Abu Dhabi.

On Sunday, Modi became the first Indian premier to visit the country in 34 years, meeting with Abu Dhabi's Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashied Al Maktoum.

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