Pot smoking moms : Mother of 3 Claims Smoking Pot Makes Her a Better Parent

smoking moms

An Illinois mother claims that smoking marijuana makes her a better parent.
Lea Grover says that pot helps her deal with the anxiety brought on by her three children.
In an essay on Cosmopolitan.com, Grover wrote, “Pot is known to be an effective treatment for anxiety. I, like countless other people who find themselves in the role of caregivers for miniature versions of themselves, get stressed out by my kids. Genuine, honest-to-God, parenthood-induced anxiety is a real thing. In my case, marijuana is my anti-anxiety drug of choice.”

Alison Jacobson and Jessica Gottlieb appeared on “Fox and Friends Weekend” today to debate if Grover is on to something or if parenting in the U.S. is going to pot.
Jacobson said that getting high to deal with stress is sending the wrong message to children.
“There are great coping mechanisms, but let’s not rely on some chemical crutch,” Jacobson said.

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