Fruit of the Womb Miracles : Baby after waiting for 5 years , Testimony from Pastor E.A Adeboye

testimony: is tied to the month of september. I was looking for the fruits of the womb for 5 yrs after I had my first child 2005 and since then,i couldn’t sept.2010,i attended holy ghost service and dat same month, I got pregnant but unfortunately,i lost d pregnancy 5 months after,so Sept 2011,i attended the same program and I took in again and to the glory of God, I delivered the baby 2012 a baby girl.i was already termed hopeless,Again,in Sept 2014,i attended the holy ghost service agian and dat same month,God did it again and to the glory of God I delivered a bouncing baby boy.i give glory to the king of kings for wonderful gifts and his mercy upon my life.
From unuafe fran… 


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