Saturday, June 20

Video : The Origin of Races ,We are all ONE RACE. By Ken Ham

We are all ONE RACE. Because of the horrible church shooting in South Carolina, there has been a lot of discussion on TV, in news articles, blogs, etc., about the issue of race and racism. Answers in Genesis has a great short animated video that explains that there is only one race, and there are no black people or white people--we are all varying shades of the same basic color (a pigment called melanin). This brief animated feature explains all of this in an easy to understand way, showing observational science confirms the Bible's history that we are all one race, all descendants of Adam. It was the event of the Tower of Babel that resulted in different people groups (NOT races) and the minor exterior differences we see in the human race today. I urge you to watch this and then share it with as many people as possible. Sadly, this is not what is being taught in much of the public education system--but it needs to be taught! It's about time students heard the truth about the race issue.
In many ways I believe certain public figures are actually fueling racism by using wrong terminology such as 'races,' 'black race,' & 'white race,' etc.
And because we are all descended from Adam, we are all ONE race, and thus all are sinners--and all need to receive the free gift of salvation. Every one of us needs to make sure we judge what we believe and say against the absolute authority of the Word of God.
Watch this short animated video and share it around:

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