Friday, June 26

Tunisia Attack : Islamic Terrorists kills at least 37 in Tunisia beach attack

Panicked tourists fled from a popular beach in Tunisia Friday as a gunman pulled an automatic rifle from under an umbrella and began shooting, killing 37 people, officials said.
The attacker, who was dressed in shorts, came from the beach hiding his Kalashnikov gun before spraying terrified tourists with bullets. People were told to run in a chaotic scene near a beach in Sousse, and many took refuge in hotel rooms after the gunfire erupted, Sky News said.
Tunisia's Interior Ministry originally said there were two gunmen but later said they believed just one gunman acted alone, killing 37 people and wounding at least 36. The Health Ministry said the dead include Tunisians, Brits, Germans and Belgians.
The gunman reportedly entered the Hotel Imperial through the swimming pool area, shooting people as he went. He also threw an explosive, witnesses said.

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