Monday, June 1

The philosophy of free will by Kris Vallotton

What we "want" and what we "will" are often completely different things. For example; I want a great body but this "desire" has not activate my will. In order to achieve my desire I need to "will" a diet change, a schedule change, and a workout transition.
Our "wants" influence our "will" but our desires should never be mistaken for our will. We might want to go to heaven but it takes our will to actually make the journey.
God influences our wants but we remain a "free will agent."
We can want to be rich, famous, and/or influential. We can long for a great marriage, or be extremely passionate about changing the world. But our passions, desires, and wants don't EVER dictate our destiny. At the end of the day, only our will matters!
Our life begins to change when we realize that our desires are not our will, and then we start to will ourselves into a better life in the Kingdom. ‪#‎kvm‬

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