Wednesday, June 24

Study claims right-wing "KKK" extremists bigger threat to US than jihadis

The study is based on the number of those killed by each group since 9/11. Not only does it skew the results by leaving out 9/11, but it also ignores the many, many foiled jihad plots, as this story points out. Also, right-wing extremists like Dylann Roof, the murderer in Charleston, South Carolina, kill because of their paranoid fantasies, but are not part of any movement with an articulated agenda or goal, while Islamic jihadists are members of or ideologically aligned with groups that have declared their intention to destroy the U.S. and the free world. Islamic jihad groups are determined to kill as many Americans as possible and conquer free societies, and as this article concludes, “losing track of that singular fact will end up getting a lot of Americans killed.”
“Study: Right Wing Extremists a Bigger ‘Threat’ to US than Islamic Terrorists?,” by Rick Moran, PJ Media, June 24, 2015:

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