Monday, June 8

Rachel Held Evans on racist Texas Police Officer who manhandled Dajerria Becton

We don't "need all the facts" to see clearly that in this video, a white male police officer straddles a young, defenseless black girl in a bathing suit, shoves her face into the ground, and then sits on top of her for several minutes. When a few of her teenage friends try to come to her aid, the cop pulls a gun on them. This is inexcusable. This is misogyny and racism and excessive force. And perhaps the saddest thing is that my black friends, as angry as they are, are not surprised. I am surprised because I am white, because I am privileged, because I have not had to face racial profiling all my life, because no one looked at me sideways when I showed up to a pool without a pass for a party as a teenager. The reason "Black Lives Matter" has become a mantra is not because advocates for racial justice are unaware that all lives matter. They know that. "Black Lives Matter" has become a mantra because black bodies are consistently deemed less valuable than white bodies in this country. And as so many black women know, their bodies in particular are often regarded as property, just as we see in this video. What happened to this girl and her friends was a violation of their humanity and therefore a violation of the image of God within each of them. May it spark holy outrage and a commitment to radical change.…/texas-police-officer-suspended-af…

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