Monday, June 1

Obituary : Oklahoma Police shot and Killed Pastor Nehemiah Fischer of Faith Bible Church Tulsa

A pastor has been shot dead by police officers in Oklahoma in a shocking incident on Friday.
The married 35-year-old pastor was shot in some kind of confrontation with cops as they looked to rescue him and his brother from flood waters.
The incident happened after two Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers responded to an emergency call at about 9.30 p.m. local time on Friday to help a stranded motorist near Tulsa. The officers have said that they found Nehemiah Fischer, an assistant pastor at Faith Bible Church in Tulsa, and his bother, Brandon Fischer, 40, with two vehicles as they were attempting to move one from the roadway, which had been hit by flood waters.
Oklahoma Highway Patrol Capt. Paul Timmons reported that a confrontation occurred as the men were ordered to exit the vehicle and come to safety on higher ground. Timmons said that the brothers were "really upset" at being ordered to leave their vehicle behind in the water.

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