Monday, June 8

New Muslim Convert ISIS Member Share His Experience with the Islamic State in Iraq

On June 4, 2015, a brief interview was posted on with a student from ‪#‎Madagascar‬ who has joined ‪#‎ISIS‬ and is now apparently in‪#‎Ramadi‬‪#‎Iraq‬. According to the interview, he was studying computer science at ‪#‎Antananarivo‬ University in Madagascar and was introduced to‪#‎Islam‬ by some Indian friends. He eventually converted, and several months later joined the Islamic State and apparently traveled to Iraq with some other ‪#‎Malagasy‬ and South African men. He describes what motivated him to join the organization and gives some details about the training he underwent in Iraq and his activity there.
The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)'s photo.

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