Tuesday, June 2

National Union of Students (NUS) : Passed a one-sided motion to boycott Israeli companies, following lobbying by BDS activists.

Moral madness from British universities: today the British student union voted to boycott Israel.
Here is the official statement from StandWithUs UK:
StandWithUs UK strongly condemns the National Union of Students (NUS) for passing a one-sided motion to boycott Israeli companies, following lobbying by BDS activists.
Joseph Stoll Campus Director for StandWithUs UK commented, “It is unfortunate that NUS has fallen for the manipulative tactics of BDS. While it masquerades as a human rights movement that seeks a better life for Palestinians, BDS's true goal is the elimination of Israel and the end of Jewish self-determination. BDS deceives people into thinking that punishing only Israel is a step towards peace, when in fact they are being used to advance a fundamentally anti-peace, anti-human rights and anti-justice agenda.”
BDS gives Palestinian leaders a free pass for their racist violence and incitement against Jews and Israelis. It enables Palestinian leaders and surrounding Arab states to remain unaccountable for their own actions and injustices. Paradoxically, BDS undermines efforts to promote Israeli-Palestinian dialogue, cooperation, coexistence, and negotiations, which are the best hope for peace and justice in the region.”
StandWithUs UK will continue to support a widespread educational efforts to ensure that students and the wider population understands the reality of the situation and the destructiveness that BDS represents. We will intensify our efforts to reverse the damage done by the anti-Israel and frequently anti-Semitic BDS Movement on campus.

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