Wednesday, June 10

Miley Cyrus—But Which Ark Is She Rejecting? By Ken Ham

Miley Cyrus—But Which Ark Is She Rejecting?
Miley Cyrus is a popular singer and actress who rose to fame and fortune after her role in the television series Hannah Montana. She became a teen idol because of that role. But what parent would want their child looking up to someone like this today who now as an adult shakes her fist at God and promotes sexual perversion?
Recently, Cyrus posed nude for Paper magazine. Now, many news sources carried quotes from the interview she did with this pagan magazine, and as you read what she reportedly said in my post below, it becomes very obvious that it’s not just the biblical accounts of the Ark and Flood in Genesis she is dismissing, but she is rejecting our Ark of salvation—Jesus Christ.
You can read my response to Cyrus' comments here:…/miley-cyrus-which-ark-is-sh…/

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