Monday, June 8

Microchip Alien Technology : Alien Microchip Found Inside Napoleon’s Skull

Every once in a while, great men rise to power and manage to change the face of the Earth. Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte conquered through bravery and intelligence and by being shrewd and ruthless.
But there are some who think the success of these grand historical figures lies in the guidance received from external sources.
In 2012, French scientists were examining Napoleon’s skull when they made an astonishing discovery. Dr. Andre Dubois was looking for signs of a pituitary gland disorder that might have contributed to Napoleon’s short stature when he noticed a tiny protrusion on the inside of the skull.
Taking a closer look, he found an unusual microchip about a fifth of an inch long embedded inside the bone. Judging by the bone growth around the chip, the researchers concluded that it must have been implanted when Bonaparte was still young.

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