Kris Vallotton Word for Today

The world is underwhelmed by our revelation of Jesus. We sit under a basket, lighting matches, while screaming FIRE and wonder why nobody is inspired.
We sing our theme song, “this little light of mine,” and then rewrite our eschatology to spiritualize the growing darkness.
We are over educated and under experienced, extremely articulate yet incredibly ignorant.
We culturally standout as awkward, and irrelevant, yet morally fit in because we are equally unholy and sadly unloving.
We honor the supernatural exploits of the past apostles, telling their stories, and boasting in their impact. Yet we ourselves, have a form of godliness and a doctrine of powerlessness.
The church has become an artifact, a monument, a life like museum of lifeless wax characters, echoing nobility but having no voice of our own.
The world has embraced the doctrine of the ridiculous, blatantly ignoring facts, to hold to a degenerate form of freedom.
Therefore, it is encumbered on us to shake ourselves from these mindsets of misery, and awaken the hero is us.
We are God’s tipping point, His “X” factor, His hope for the nations. It is our time to arise, our time to shine, our time make the crooked places straight…welcome to the house of heroes. 

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