Monday, June 8

Chuck Pierce Prophetic Word for June 2015

Prophetic Word:
“I would bring to you new opportunities in the days ahead. Even very quickly - in the very near future - you will have a time to pour out that which I’m giving you. You will have a new opportunity to get into. Don’t hold back! Don’t hold back! For if you do hold back then you will miss that which will rise up, and you will miss activating seeds for your future. Get ready, for this pouring out is coming to you. The opportunities on your path I’ve already ordered. Get ready, for this will be a time of ordering your steps so that your steps align with the steps that I have already set in place. And in this moment you’ll see the end, but you’ll see the beginning even before you step into it. So know this: watch as I give you the opportunity to activate your beginning from the end.

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